What are the Skills of an Administrative Assistant?

Updated on: September 1, 2018

Administrative assistants work in a number of capacities – the need to handle administrative functions is evident in every industry, and thus administrative assistants are hired in almost every office.

Administrative assistants are required to perform a number of jobs that help run an office smoothly. This may include keeping in direct contact with customers along with ensuring that operations like correspondence management, record maintenance, mail distribution and taking minutes of the meeting along with many other functions

In order to be able to perform administration functions correctly, an individual will need many skills that will help him do the job properly. Let us see what skills are required in order to do justice to this job:


Administrative Assistant Skills List

• Hands on experience in managing general office tasks

• Adept at performing bookkeeping tasks

• Proven ability to maintain a high level of accuracy

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Well-honed analytic and problem resolution skills

• Strong time management and organization skills

• Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills

• Demonstrated ability to work individually and in a team environment

• Willing to work cooperatively with others

• Comprehensive knowledge of MS Excel and Access databases

• Exceptional telephone etiquette

• Strong research capability

• Unique ability to prioritize tasks

• Technically savvy

• Exhaustive knowledge of general office machines and equipment

There is much more to an administrative assistant’s job and the skills that are needed to perform these tasks than this list dictate. Very few people make excellent administrators as the need to have something extra is evident at all times.