Clerical Hard and Soft Skills List for Resume

Updated on: July 3, 2021
How a clerk show their skills on a resume?

There should be a dedicated skills section on a clerk’s resume. Make good use of this section.

The skills that you list on your clerical resume should be directly linked with the needs of the prospective employer.

There are two types of skills to add to a clerk’s resume. 

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Hard Skills

Typically, your soft skills can be categorized into personal and transferable:

Personal skills

• Accuracy
• Adaptability
• Competency
• Conscientiousness
• Dependability
• Efficiency
• Flexibility
• Honesty
• Innovation
• Organization
• People-orientation
• Versatility

Transferable Skills

• Analytic mind
• Creativity
• Decision-making
• Goal-orientation
• Confidence
• Trustworthiness
• Ability to delegate
• Time-management
• Punctuality
• Resourcefulness
• Precision
• Complaint handling

Let us now go through a list of hard clerical skills to understand how to fill out the skills section on our resumes:

Sample Hard Skills for Clerical Resume

• Demonstrated ability to handle filing and record management activities in a systematized manner.

• Focused on resolving clerical and administrative issues by employing exceptional analytic skills.

• Documented success in performing data entry duties under strict deadlines and accuracy standards.

• Qualified to work as part of a team and individually.

• Well-versed with Microsoft Office applications and Databases.

• Special talent for creating spreadsheets using a host of applications such as MS Excel.

• Adept at typing letters, memos, and emails.

• Effectively researches on the Internet and through various other sources such as books and periodicals.

• Skilled in scheduling appointments with a special focus on time management and organization of information.

• Committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information.

• Talented in preparing payrolls and performing light bookkeeping .activities to provide support to the accounting department.

• Knowledge of creating schedules according to each staff member’s individual work duties and priorities.

• Ability to take and follow instructions.

• Positive Can-do attitude.

• Special talent for working in a team-oriented environment to meet and exceed the goals of the company.

• Excellent customer service and communication skills aimed at creating a healthy work environment.

• Bilingual: English and Spanish.

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