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Senior Administrative Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Your cover letter and resume are great avenues for getting your point across. However, it is the interview stage that matters the most. Once you have reached the Senior Administrative Assistant Interview stage, it is all the more important to make a positive impression on the person who may be your next manager. It must… Read More »

Senior Administrative Assistant Job Description

Position Overview Good organizational skills, the ability to meet deadlines and a positive attitude are all prerequisites of working as a senior administrative assistant. What does one do at this position? A senior administrative assistant is responsible for handling an office’s operational and administrative work. He or she will be required to plan meetings, take… Read More »

Events Administrative Assistant Job Description

Position Overview Events administrative assistants are explicitly hired to handle the administrative end of a busy executive or office, engaged in managing both small and large events.  The work of an events administrative assistant is not much different from an admin assistant who works in other business, but the main focus of someone working at… Read More »

School Office Assistant Resume Sample

  The quality of your school office assistant resume is determined by the content that it holds within it. A resume is not considered a well-written one unless it has all the “ingredients” that the hiring manager wants. To see what a well-developed resume for school office assistant position looks like, take a look at… Read More »

School Office Assistant Job Description

A school office assistant is considered an essential part of the operating system of an educational environment. He or she is responsible for the operational and administrative smoothness of the school office and is required to make sure that issues and problems do not hamper office work. You need to be well-organized and structured if… Read More »

Administrative Assistant CV / Bio Sample

Writing your professional CV or biography as an administrative assistant is no small feat – it is as challenging as well, anything! But unless you do put it out there, how would a prospective employer know anything about you?   Do it – but make it short and sweet – like the following example:  â€¦ Read More »

Office Assistant Skills Summary for Resume

Summaries on resumes are like cherries on cakes! They look pretty and they serve an important purpose. Most summaries are basic outlines of one’s abilities to do the job properly. A skills summary is a little more profound. Usually, the formula of writing a skills summary is based on how many jobs you have done… Read More »

Admin Clerk Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for admin clerk position tells a hiring manager more than just what you have done in the past – it tells him how well-suited you are for the job for which you have applied now. With a cover letter in hand, an employer is able to look far into your employment future,… Read More »