Administrative Associate Cover Letter Sample

Administrative associates are sometimes confused with administrative assistants. While some of their responsibilities may overlap, administrative associates work on a different level. They assist in budgeting and account reconciliation and even authorize expenditures. They oversee monitoring of different account expenditures and provide administrative support to supervisors.

Administrative associates may also order supplies and prepare correspondence necessary for a company’s operational needs. If you are a qualified administrative associate holding a degree in business education, then this job is for you!



Administrative Associate Cover Letter Example

301 Columbus Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 33333

May 7, 2013

Mr. Clay Bradford
Manager HR
ABC Company
22 Jules Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 33344


Dear Mr. Bradford:

Administrative support is never complete without the presence of an Administrative Associate who plays a key role in managing the high-end needs of a company. I am writing this to apply enthusiastically for the position of Administrative Associate at the ABC Company. I can solve your problems!

Providing office operations support is my specialty and I offer my services in order to execute and coordinate office operations in a time efficient and effective manner. I have a very strong background in managing budget requirements for a company and able to assist in administering policies in order to orchestrate the operations of the company. With the ability to work without much supervision or direction, my core focus is on facilitating the company that I work for in terms of basic logistics and those of a much more complicated nature.

My focus is on sustaining a high degree of professionalism by ensuring that the core components of the office work in sync with each other and look forward to acquiring a position with you. I am available for an immediate interview and can be contacted at (333) 333-3001 if needed.

Thanks a lot for your consideration.



Jessica Lame

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