Office Associate Professional Summary for Resume

Updated on: August 7, 2019

When writing a professional summary on an office associate resume, make sure that you provide information which the hiring manager can use.

Typically, your skills and expertise need to be highlighted in a summary statement.


As an office associate, your main job will be to provide assistance to executives in terms of clerical and administrative support. The fact that you can effectively and efficiently do this is very important.

Also, working as an office associate requires great organizational and management skills.

That is why your resume or professional summary must be excellently written. It is imperative that a hiring manager can gauge what your capabilities are by simply reading the short paragraph, which marks the beginning of your resume.

As far as the format of a professional summary for an office associate position is concerned, one must make sure that it flows well.


Appropriate information and use of words and phrases are important.

A few samples of professional summaries for an office associate position are provided here for your reference:

Office Associate Resume Summary Examples

• Highly accomplished office associate, with over 5 years of a solid track record of effectively providing administrative assistance to executive units. Exceptionally talented in handling incoming calls for information, and effectively providing the required information. Deeply familiar with handling meeting scheduling and follow-up work.

• Office associate with 8+ years of experience in organizing office work and assisting associates in order to optimize processes. Demonstrated expertise in sorting and distributing communication in a timely manner. Proficient in monitoring inventory, and creating and maintaining liaison with vendors in order to ensure timely delivery of office supplies and equipment.

• Resourceful and organized Office Associate with a successful track record of ensuring successful office procedures. Highly experienced in providing administrative and clerical support in order to run offices smoothly. Deeply familiar with organizing and maintaining filing systems and performing cross-index records management systems.

• Competent and qualified office associate with an excellent record of providing support in terms of administration and logistics. Unmatched ability to monitor and process documents, and appropriately maintain reports. Well-versed in administering bookkeeping activities and post accounting data.

• An exceptionally talented Office Associate with excellent organizational and multitasking abilities. Adept at performing word processing work, as well as files management tasks. Exceptionally gifted in administering bookkeeping tasks, and conducting research and reporting work.

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