26 Accounts Payable Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: October 3, 2020
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Accounts payable is an area that hosts many positions including specialists, clerks, managers, and supervisors.

When you apply for any of these positions, you need to ensure that your resume or CV summary is an impactful one, so that the hiring authority stops searching for the right candidate.

As a candidate for an accounts payable job, you need to ensure that the resume summary encompasses your most important qualifications and offerings.


Recruiters judge your relevance for the job within 10 seconds through the summary statement. Hence, it is the most important part of your resume. In order to ensure that your accounts payable resume summary is consistent with the prospective employer’s goals, you must focus to create an attractive one.

How to Write an Excellent Summary Statement on Accounts Payable Resume?

It is imperative to make your summary statement a solid read. The following advice will guide you in this regard:

  1. Write the summary statement after writing your resume. This way, you can cherry-pick the most important and impressive facts from the resume, and create an outstanding summary.
  2. Pick up 3 or 4 impressive parts of your resume, and convert them into snappy points to add credibility to your resume summary.
  3. Tailor the accounts payable resume summary to the needs of the employer. Use keywords from the accounts payable job description, and use them as part of the summary.
  4. Mention the job title at the very beginning to help the recruiter understand which specific position you are applying for.
  5. If you want to hint at a professional achievement in your resume summary, quantify it through numbers.

Some accounts payable resume summary examples that you can use are given below:

20 Sample Accounts Payable Career Summary Statements

Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Summary Examples

1. Highly experienced accounts clerk, with over 7 years of exposure to payment processes, and expense controls. Excellent problem-solving skills, with a solid grasp on handling discrepancies, and balancing accounts effectively. Presently in search of a position that requires excellence in accounts management work, with a focus on meeting the accounting, bookkeeping, and financial objectives of the company.

2. Detail-oriented Accounts Payable Clerk, focused on handling accounts payable work in a clerical role. Reliable and organized individual, with a solid emphasis on the efficient management, maintenance, and processing of accounts payable transactions. Completely attentive to overseeing accounts payable reports, pertaining to cash flow, and ensuring correct, and timely payments.

3. Competent and resourceful individual, with a solid track record of becoming the trusted face of the company in terms of financial matters. Highly successful in driving accounts payable teams to meet quarterly, and annual goals, aiming to keep them motivated, and resulting in extended work contributions. Motivated to work in a dynamic company environment, which allows for growth and contribution simultaneously.

4. Passionate Accounts Payable Clerk with more than 8 years of experience in planning, coordinating, and managing accounts payable processes and procedures. Competent in facilitating the correct and timely preparation of budget reports, and purchase journals. Previous accounts payable experience focuses on excellent process improvement and high-end accounts management.

5. Talented accounts payable clerk, with over 10 years of experience in preparing invoices, disbursements, and tax calculations. Hands-on experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining accounts management systems, with a strong ability to track expenses, and handle payments in a timely manner.

6. Experienced accounts payable clerk, specialized in flagging and clarifying unusual invoice items, with the aim to reduce company loss. Talented in simplifying complex problems, making it easy for team members, and management personnel to oversee accounts payable processes.

7. Top performing accounts payable clerk with 10+ years of solid track record in processing incoming payments, and preparing invoices. Demonstrated ability to match invoices to purchases, and processing invoices based on established terms.

8. Talented accounts payable clerk, with over 6 years of experience in evaluating invoices in order to ensure accuracy and completeness. Well-versed in preparing disbursement checks, and ensuring that all necessary documentation is attached. Deeply familiar with daily invoices, check requests, and electronic payments.

9. Self-motivated accounts payable clerk, boasting 5+ years of experience in analyzing invoices and expense reports in order to properly allocate expenses. Competent in reconciling accounts payable entries by comparing system reports. Effectively able to continuously improve payment processing through the implementation of efficient procedures.

10. Experienced accounts payable clerk, with over 10 years of exposure to supporting organizations in optimizing financial transactions and systems. Particularly proficient in reviewing invoices for appropriate documentation prior to payments. Well-versed in performing invoice and general ledger data entry work.

Accounts Payable Specialist Resume Summary Examples

11. Professional Accounts Payable Specialist, with 5+ years of experience in analyzing accounting workflow processes. High attention to detail, with excellent precision in monitoring account balances, and tracking expenses in accordance with set protocols. Attentive to the company’s needs in terms of creating and implementing accounting systems, and ensuring workable operations throughout.

12. Accounts Payable Specialist, presently working in a high-end financial firm. Offers a variety of professional-level accounting assistance, supporting operations, and maintaining the accuracy of general, revenue, and expenditure ledgers. Fully focused on ensuring proper accounts payable procedures, through excellent ability to oversee procedures, and ensure accuracy and completeness.

13. Uniquely qualified Accounts Payable Specialist with 15 years of skills acquisition in a dedicated accounts department. Passionate about developing and implementing accounts payable systems at ABC Company, targeting the facilitation of correct and timely reports generation and submission.

14. Results-driven Accounts Payable Specialist, proficient in processing payments, and collecting expense reports. Able to reconcile outstanding debts, and perform bookkeeping services in accordance with accounts management plans and protocols. Previous experience in financial reports management, aimed at cutting expenses, and increasing revenues.

15. Professional accounts payable specialist, with a strong interest in providing high standards of accounts management services, targeted at effectively overseeing cash flow reports, and tracking expenses. Highly skilled in preparing and performing check runs, and reconciling accounts payable transactions.

16. Exceptionally competent accounts payable specialist with 8+ years of experience in accounts payable invoicing and data entry. Talented in handling internal credit reconciliation work. Proficient in assisting with external and internal auditing tasks.

Accounts Payable Supervisor Resume Summary Examples

17. Successful Accounts Payable Supervisor, boasting inherent reliability, precision, and attention to detail. Able to apply accounting oversight, expertise, and industry-specific knowledge to assist the company in meeting its financial management goals and objectives. Creative thinker, with well-developed problem-solving skills, targeted at helping the organization reach the zenith of success.

18. Accounts Payable Supervisor with years of experience in supervising activities and operations in the accounts payable function of the company. Deeply familiar with analyzing invoices, and expense reports to ensure accuracy and eligibility for payment. Well-versed in leading and mentoring accounts payable teams to meet their specific goals, and those of the company.

19. Exceptionally talented Accounts Payable Supervisor with a solid grasp on accounts payable processes and accounting and management principles. Proficient in using business solutions, and accounting/bookkeeping software. Completely motivated to build internal and external relationships, aimed at helping the organization meet it’s financial and accounts management goals in a profound manner.

Accounts Payable Manager Resume Summary Examples

20. Exceptionally talented accounts payable manager, capable of examining and analyzing accounts data. Able to competently and patiently check financial records and processes. Solid team management skills, aimed at ensuring proper team training, and ongoing support and mentorship.

21. Results-driven Accounts Payable Manager, passionate about accomplishing accounting functions to meet the company’s specific financial goals. Seeking to leverage the knowledge of data analysis and examination to ensure consistency in daily accounts. Have increased accounts payable efficiency by 25%, through the implementation of well-placed accounts management systems.

22. Adaptive, and analytic Accounts Payable Manager, with 5 years of experience in assisting companies with developing guidelines for proper handling and coding of invoices. Capable of analyzing expense reports and other invoices to ensure accuracy, and eligibility for payment.Able to act as a liaison between the company, and external accountants to meet account information needs.

23. Industrious Accounts Payable Manager, with extensive knowledge of accounting and management tasks and principles. Strong planning and problem-solving skills, with great focus on ensuring that discrepancies do not arise. Committed to ensuring complete payments, and control expenses through proper receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices in accordance with accepted accounting principles.

Entry Level Accounts Payable Resume Objectives (No Experience)

24. Knowledgeable individual, aiming to leverage extensive educational background in accounts management. Motivated to develop and maintain internal and external professional relationships, with a solid commitment to ethics, and a willingness to adhere to company policies, as well as financial legislation.

25. Diligent and service-oriented individual, with exceptional knowledge of tracking budget expenses. Offer the ability to efficiently maintain and process accounts payable transactions, with proper focus on the company’s specific accounts payable goals and objectives. Emphasis on ensuring timely accounts payable settlements, with a strong emphasis on successful professional relations.

26. Highly skilled and experienced accounts payable professional with a solid track record in processing invoices and issuing payments. Unmatched ability to review and verify invoices and check requests. Adept at preparation and processing of electronic transfers and payments. 


It is important to note that your accounts payable resume summary has to be spot-on enough to generate interest. A resume summary is geared towards an employer’s needs which is exactly how it should be projected. Key skills and accomplishments need to be made obvious so that the hiring manager can make important decisions as soon as he reads the summary.

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