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Updated on April 12, 2019

Accounts payable professionals have to ensure that their resumes are well-received by eager employers. However, the lack of a resume summary hinders this.

In order to become a hiring manager’s favorite, you have to give them something to look forward to. Where resumes are concerned, how they begin is what matters the most.


How to Write an Accounts Payable Resume Summary?

In your resume summary for an accounts payable clerk, you must ensure that you highlight the many accounts payable accomplishments and competencies that you possess.

An accounts payable clerk needs to make sure that his or her summary tells the reader about their specific accounts payable abilities.

This will give the hiring manager something to hold on to, and he or she will keep reading the rest of the resume.

When writing a resume summary on an accounts payable resume, make sure that it emphasizes your knowledge of preparing accounts payable invoices, as well as handling general accounting procedures.

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Some resume summary examples for this position are provided below:


Accounts Payable Resume Summary Examples

• Top performing accounts payable clerk with 10+ years of solid track record in processing incoming payments, and preparing invoices. Demonstrated ability to match invoices to purchases, and processing invoices based on established terms.

• Talented accounts payable clerk, with over 6 years of experience in evaluating invoices in order to ensure accuracy and completeness. Well-versed in preparing disbursement checks, and ensuring that all necessary documentation is attached. Deeply familiar with daily invoices, check requests, and electronic payments.

• Self-motivated accounts payable clerk, boasting 5+ years of experience in analyzing invoices and expense reports in order to properly allocate expenses. Competent in reconciling accounts payable entries by comparing system reports. Effectively able to continuously improve payment processing through implementation of efficient procedures.

• Exceptionally competent accounts payable specialist with 8+ years of experience in accounts payable invoicing and data entry. Talented in handling internal credit reconciliation work. Proficient in assisting with external and internal auditing tasks.

• Experienced accounts payable clerk, with over 10 years of exposure to supporting organizations in optimizing financial transactions and systems. Particularly proficient in reviewing invoices for appropriate documentation prior to payments. Well-versed in performing invoice and general ledger data entry work.

• Highly skilled and experienced accounts payable professional with a solid track record in processing invoices and issuing payments. Unmatched ability to review and verify invoices and check requests. Adept at preparation and processing of electronic transfers and payments. 

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