Accounts Payable Specialist Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 8, 2023

Skills as an accounts payable specialist will bring you many steps closer to your goals – that is, the job that you are looking for.

In the skills statements, it is imperative to highlight that you know accounts payable work, including handling vendor payments and managing bank reconciliations.

The good news is that modern resume formats have an entire section dedicated to skills. In this section, you can emphasize your skills, not just ones related to accounting work, but also personal ones.

The hiring manager can determine what you have to offer in sync with what he or she needs.

The good thing about a resume skills section is that it provides hiring managers with exact information on your accounts payable skills.

Specifically, an accounts payable specialist resume skills section will include knowledge of preparing and managing invoices, handling vendor relations, resolving invoice issues, and verifying expense reports to name a few.

A list of sample hard skills accounts payable specialist resume is provided below:

Sample Hard Skills for Accounts Payable Specialist Resume

1. Financial Management:
Demonstrated expertise in handling financial transactions, reconciling accounts, and managing budgets.

2. Invoice Processing:
Proficient in efficiently processing invoices, verifying details, and resolving discrepancies.

3. Data Entry:
Accurate and speedy data entry skills to input and update financial information in accounting systems.

4. Vendor Management:
Ability to effectively communicate with vendors, negotiate payment terms, and manage relationships.

5. Account Reconciliation:
Experienced in reconciling accounts payable records with suppliers’ statements and resolving discrepancies.

6. Financial Reporting:
Knowledge of generating and analyzing financial reports, providing insights on payments and outstanding balances.

7. Expense Management:
Skilled in monitoring and controlling expenses, ensuring adherence to budgetary guidelines.

8. Accounting Software:
Familiarity with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, SAP, or Xero.

9. Payment Processing:
Expertise in processing payments, including checks, electronic transfers, and credit card transactions.

10. Financial Analysis:
Proficiency in analyzing financial data, identifying trends, and making sound recommendations based on findings.

11. Compliance:
Knowledge of accounting principles and best practices, and the ability to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

12. Data Analysis:
Proficiency in utilizing spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel) to analyze financial data, create reports, and present findings.

13. Audit Preparation:
Experience in preparing for and assisting with internal and external audits, ensuring compliance and accuracy of financial records.

14. Payment Processing:
Knowledge of various payment methods and systems, such as check processing, electronic funds transfers, and credit card payments.

15. Attention to Detail:
Demonstrated ability to accurately review and validate financial documents, ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.

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