Top 13 Achievements for Accounts Payable Resume

Updated on: October 16, 2020
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There is great truth in the fact that uncovering your accomplishments in a resume make you shine as a candidate for a possible account payable position.

If you are applying for an accounts payable position, make sure that your resume speaks volumes for you, especially where your accomplishments are concerned.

A great deal of a resume’s effectiveness is based on accomplishments – employers want to know what an employee has done to improve accounting functions and operations and reduce operating costs.

It is always a good idea to play it safe when you write your accomplishments – you must know how to differentiate between a duty and an accomplishment.

Mixing the two will not create a good impression on the prospective employer.

Making ledgers and trial balances is a duty – developing a system so that you can make ledgers and trial balances in half the time it takes is an accomplishment.

For an accounts payable position, your resume’s accomplishments section should have as many numbers as you can possibly put in.

This includes percentages too – so if you have reduced costs by some percentage, make sure that you mention it.

But all your accomplishments do not have to be based on numbers – some of them can be otherwise as well. The stress placed on numbers is because of the nature of this position.

Sample Achievements for Accounts Payable Resume

  1. Improved financial measurements including ROI and revenues by 59% following dedicated progression methods
  2. Modified risk management policy, bringing down risk scare by 30%
  3. Introduced an online data entry system which reduced invoice input time by 60%
  4. Redesigned the accounts payable system, thereby increasing system efficiency by 50%
  5. Reined in rollercoaster accounts payable project during a company merger
  6. Decreased banking costs by $8000 per year by initiating an online transfers system
  7. Streamlined the accounts payable system by restructuring archaic accounts payable procedures
  8. Featured in Payable Today, a top financial magazine, for the only company in Delaware to conform 100% to accounting standards
  9. Processed 4000 check requests in three weeks totaling to $90,000 in accounts payable
  10. Perfectly adapted existing account payable system post-merger, thereby ensuring no loose ends during the transition period
  11. Decreased month-end closing tasks spanning 7 days to 3 days following implementation of the computerized accounting system
  12. Introduced and implemented a core audit compliance and controls system that decreased accounts payable audit time by 22%
  13. Introduced Smart Payroll, a dedicated payroll system that handled employee payroll logistics in less than 3 hours for 300 employees

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