Staff Accountant Skills for Resume

Updated March 5, 2018

All job markets have competitive climates now, with many hiring managers now hoping to hire nothing less than the absolute best.

In such a situation, there is only one thing that you can do to stand at the very top – accentuate your experiences and backgrounds in your resume.

That can be done through the use of skills statements. Writing a skills statement on a resume is hardly an easy job, but it has to be done. When you profoundly write your skills, you are giving no one else but yourself a great favor.

What type of skills should one concentrate on?

Industry-specific skills will enable you to successfully pass through the automated tracking system that many organizations insist on using to decipher if an application is worth their time and effort.

Mentioning these skills means that you will have a great chance to touch the hiring manager where it matters the most. But it is not enough to merely list a string of phrases that define a skill or a range of skills. You may feel that it is alright to write that you are “a great communicator” or “possess excellent organizational skills,” but if explanations and facts do not back these, they hold little meaning for hiring managers.

Some examples of skills statements for a staff accountant position are provided below for your reference:


Sample Skills for a Staff Accountant Resume


• Proficient in preparing financial statements and performing branch evaluations, along with compiling balance sheet account reconciliations.

• Demonstrated expertise in providing financial statements analysis and executing accounts payables and receivables.

• Effectively able to prepare and adjust journal entries and accruals for periodic closings.

• Highly experienced in recommending and implementing automation and other improvement initiatives to streamline periodic close processes.

• Hands-on experience in performing tracking activities for capital planning expenditures and providing back office support.

• Deeply familiar with supporting financial and accounting functions including annual budgets and reporting activities.

• First-hand experience in performing daily cash depositing activities and reconciling cash receipts to posted cash entries.

• Exceptionally well-versed in resolving payment application discrepancies to ensure client balance accuracy.

• Proficient in reviewing client accounts receivables, following up on delinquent accounts and recommending appropriate actions.

• Adept at analyzing cash receipt patterns and assisting with weekly cash forecasts.

• Qualified to prepare schedules for both internal and external audits and provide logistical assistance during auditing activities.

• Proven ability to handle credit and debit adjustments and act as an escalation point for invoicing and renewal queries.