An objective statement for a staff accountant resume state the goals of applicant in relation to the requirements of employer.

The basic purpose for including an objective in your resume is to figure out the position you are applying. In order to make a stronger impact of your objective, you should mention your key skills and strengths while focusing on end results you would bring to the prospective company.

Look at the examples below to get a better idea.


Sample Objectives for Staff Accountant Resume

• To obtain a Staff Accountant position at Kemper Services Group. Offering 4 years’ accounting experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and finance. Eager to achieve highest standard of accounting operations and greatest quality of work.

• To work as a full time Staff Accountant for Morgan Ray. Bringing strong expertise in managing disbursements, payable, and purchasing and financial reports to ensure efficient and accurate handling of the complete cash management process.

• Seeking a position as a Senior Staff Accountant at Pronto Promo serving the finance department by proficiently updating and reconciling general ledger, payable and receivable accounts.

• A Staff Accountant position at ALTAS using skills in maintaining entire general ledger accurately and responsibly as well as prepare perfect and timely financial reports.

• Looking for a Junior Staff Accountant position at LLP making use of exceptional knowledge of accounting principles to validate and review all cash transactions flawlessly.

• To provide a reliable reporting and accounting support to the ABC Company’s finance department in the role of a Staff Accountant,

• To achieve high standard of work as a Staff Accountant at Company UIO by managing accurate and timely financial reports, forecasts and budgets.