Top 10 Career Objectives for Accountant Resume

Updated August 31, 2022
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Career objectives define our career motives to an employer who does not know anything about us.

Since the resume is your first connection with an employer, the career objective statement needs to be built upon it so that it can communicate your professional standing in a clear and concise manner.

When you write a career objective, your main purpose should be to reach out to an employer to show him your worth, and what you can do for him – all in a matter of a few sentences. Giving a teaser of what is to come in the rest of the resume is the main job of a career objective.

While it is not recommended to write an accountant resume objective that spans more than 4 sentences, some people do stretch it to an entire paragraph of 6 lines or more. This may or may not work, depending on what exactly the employer is looking for. To be on the safe side, try to limit your career objective to 1-2 lines and not necessarily an entire paragraph.

The content of an accountant’s career objective is more important than how long it is. That said, the content needs to be short and relevant.

For examples of how to write a career objective, refer below:

10 Best Sample Objectives for Accountant Resume

1. Highly competent and experienced Accountant looking for a new challenging role. Bringing over 10 years of successful track record of preparing asset, liability, and capital account entries to effectively compile and analyze information.

2. To contribute to ABC Company as an Accountant by utilizing expertise in substantiating financial transactions through auditing documents, maintaining accounting controls, and preparing and recommending policies and procedures.

3. Detail-oriented accountant seeking a challenging role at ABC Company. Bringing hands-on experience in documenting financial transactions, recommending financial actions, and analyzing accounting options to orchestrate the smooth flow of accounting operations.

4. Well-organized and hardworking Accountant with over 5 years of dedicated experience, seeking a position with ABY. Poised to utilize a track record of adjusting journal entries, creating purchase requisitions, conducting billing, and reconciling ledger statements.

5. Top-performing Accountant eager to work for TripleNet Technologies to make the most of competencies in administering payrolls and controlling expenditure and income. 

6. Highly competent and organized Accountant looking for a position at Verizon to provide effective financial reporting and risk analysis support.

7. and compiling and presenting accounting reports and financial statements in accordance with the company’s directives.

8. Looking for an Accountant position with a renowned firm where a proven track record of handling accounting work in a busy office environment will be fully utilized.

Entry Level Accountant Resume Objectives

9. Recent accounting graduate eager to work for ANC Company to contribute to auditing financial information and administering payroll and tax returns.

10. Accounting graduate with a strong desire to work as an accountant for XYZ Company. Bringing exceptional skills in auditing financial information and preparing accounts and tax returns.