Sample Achievements for Executive Housekeeper

Updated on: January 3, 2021
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Not only you are known as a good housekeeping professional by your skills but also from your achievements.

For most employers, the fact that you did extra hours to meet work objectives, and possess exceptional skills in all areas that matter, makes up only an iota of what they are looking for.

Since housekeeping achievements are the direct results of your labor, they matter the most.

Employers love finding out that you achieved something great by making the most of your skills and experience.

Mentioning and building upon your achievements in both Executive Housekeeper cover letters and resumes is a surefire way of communicating your worth to a potential employer.

But there is a huge difference in job duties and achievements, so don’t mix them up when writing them down.

Remember that an achievement or an accomplishment is the positive result of your actions – something that has had a significant effect on the organization that you are representing, or the people you have worked with.

Job duties are just the work that you do on a regular basis. Separating the two is important to get your message across.

When you write an executive housekeeper resume, make sure that you write a dedicated section for achievements.

If it is an executive housekeeper cover letter that you are writing, ensure that you mention your accomplishments as much as possible.

If you are still stumped about how to differentiate the two, refer to the following list of achievements for clarity:

Sample Achievements for Executive Housekeeper Resume

• Successfully managed housekeeping jobs on 52 rooms in 3 wings, within the given time period of 7 hours, just in time of arrival of the expected foreign delegates.

• Revamped the housekeeping inventory system, making the process 50% more efficient than before.

• Implemented a series of training programs for existing housekeeping staff, which increased their ability to meet organizational standards of housekeeping

• Trained 45 new housekeeping staff members for deployment to hotel franchises within 3 states.

• Introduced a no-vapor and completely safe sanitizing agent, a one of its kind product, self-made using organic products.

• Reduced the cost of acquiring housekeeping supplies by 68% by bringing on board an inexpensive but quality conscious supplier.

• Attained Executive Housekeeper of the Year Award for consistently providing exceptional service, which also brought shining reviews of the hotel.

• Overhauled the housekeeping supplies storage system, effectively making 25% more space, resulting in saving the hotel $6500 in acquiring additional storage space.