5 Chartered Accountant Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: January 15, 2023

Most of the time, job seekers start a chartered accountant resume with the employment history section, which is not a good idea. Instead, start your resume with an objective statement to create its direction and convey your passion.

How a resume objective can help you get the chartered accountant position?

In a lot of ways. Firstly, an objective provides a clear opening to your main job application document – the resume.

Since an objective has a lot to say in terms of skills and qualifications, it helps in making the hiring manager understand what the candidate is all about, and allows him or her to gauge what is to come in the rest of the resume.

After reading the objective statement, the hiring manager will be sure to read your resume in detail.

Since the objective has a goal to fulfill, it needs to be able to meet the specifics of that goal to be truly successful.

A few lines about why you are a great person to hire are sufficient when writing a resume objective.

Some examples of resume objectives for a chartered accountant position are provided below for your reference:

5 Sample Objectives for Chartered Accountant Resume

1. Highly experienced, meticulous, and results-oriented Chartered Accountant seeking a challenging position at Secura. Offering exceptional expertise in liaising with corporate and individual clients to provide financial information and advice.

2. To work for Lightstream Resources as a Chartered Accountant. Bringing a successful track record of handling financial controls and advising clients on tax planning and business acquisition.

3. Looking for a position as a Chartered Accountant at United Nations. Eager to utilize my deep insight into advising clients on business transactions and improvement options, and detecting and preventing fraudulent activities.

4. Desire to work as a Chartered Accountant at FTI Consulting Inc. Poised to apply expertise in reviewing company systems and analyzing risks, along with performing tests to check financial systems and strategies.

5. Competent and qualified Chartered Accountant with over 12 years of dedicated experience in providing tax legislation advice, business improvement interventions, and financial plans placement, currently seeking a position at CHEP.