Records Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 29, 2017

Interview processes can be long and cumbersome to navigate, especially if you have not prepared for them in advance.

One you are sitting at this side of the interview table, it is already too late to prepare how you have to respond in answer to the questions thrown at you. But before you enter the interview room, you have a lot of chances to prepare your responses.

Sitting on the hot seat is uncomfortable if you are not in a state of absolute confidence.

Make sure that you do not put yourself in an embarrassing situation by preparing for an interview beforehand – use the following set to prepare, to ensure your success at the interview table:


Records Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers


What have been your prime duties in the past, while working as a records coordinator?
As a records coordinator, I have been responsible for the day to day operations of the records room, which includes management of department files and records, and planning, organizing and coordinating records maintenance, storage, preservation and disposition activities. Furthermore, I have been involved in handling indexing, copying and scanning project records, and providing systems migration support.

What skills do you possess that make you an excellent person to hire as a records coordinator at our company?
Thinking strategically in order to anticipate and gauge future trends in records management work, exceptional planning skills, excellent technological prowess, deep understanding of popular and complex records management systems, ability to provide assistance with requests for records, and knowledge of establishing and maintaining large filing systems in specified budgets are just some of the skills that I offer in the role of a records coordinator.

What criteria to you work with when processing requests for records retrieval?
I make sure that the identity and rights of the requester are determined before I process any records retrieval requests.

How do you feel about data confidentiality?
When you are working with records, you have to make sure that confidentiality is taken into account. I ensure that I place and maintain systems to ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of records is maintained constantly.

As far as people liaison is concerned, what has been your exposure like?
Providing information, assistance and services to the general public and employees is all in a day’s work for me.

How would you feel like working in a supervisory role?
I am presently working in a somewhat supervisory role, where I have to manage the work of and oversee personnel working in records management. I believe that I can handle this work quite well, and would not mind being given additional responsibilities as a supervisor.