Sales Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on March 20, 2018

One can never get enough advice on how to be successful in an interview for sales assistant position.

Each sales assistant interview has a different level of difficulty, and at times, we have to pool in all the information that we hold to ace it. There is nothing easy about being successful at an interview but then whatever comes with ease, doesn’t always stay that long!

Researching the company (and possibly the person who will be interviewing you) is a great way to prepare for an interview. Research earning calls, quarterly reports and blog posts regarding the company that you are being interviewed for.

Clean up your act – make sure that any information about you on social media is confident and in sync with your professional profile. Yes, this too is part of your preparation for an interview – you never know when the interviewer has gone through your social profiles and made an opinion about you. At an interview, you may be asked why you made a particular racist remark in one of your Facebook statuses. End of story!

For a sales associate interview, company research is even more critical. If you possess information regarding the company’s sales successes and can talk about them intelligently, you have “made a sale.”

What follows is a set of interview questions and answers for a sales assistant position:

Sales Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us about two essential characteristics of a sales assistant?
A thorough understanding of the company’s products is necessary. And with it, it is imperative to interact with customers in a friendly, yet professional manner so that you can convince them to buy the product.

What is your experience with cataloging, inventorying and stocking of merchandise?
In my present role as a sales associate, I am responsible for scanning inventories and catalogs and handling stock taking duties.

How vital is upselling to a company? Why?
Upselling is very important. That is because, through upselling, a company can raise revenues in addition to the forecasted earnings.

What is your definition of a sales assistant’s role?
Greeting customers in a welcoming manner, determining their buying needs, providing options, demonstrating products and assisting them through payment procedures is the essence of a sales associate’s work.

Tell us about a time when you came out shining despite finding yourself in an awkward position.
There was a regular customer who had bought a television set from the store, which had to be delivered to his house. He insisted that he hadn’t received it, despite the fact that his signatures were on the receipt. After doing some digging, I came to the conclusion that the delivery had been made and the customer had signed the delivery receipt after all. Since he was an elderly client, he had a “selective memory problem” and had received the television, had it put in the store and forgotten all about it!

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