A Key achievements section or subsection should be included in a resume of an Accounts Assistant to provide the employer with a practical proof of how well you are capable of applying and utilizing your skills and abilities to benefit the company you work for. Your achievements also show how confidently you can display the milestones in your professional working experience.

Sample statements for an Accounts Assistant’s achievements are given below. You can select 3 to 4 relevant sentences to use in your resume.


Accounts Assistant Resume Achievements and Accomplishments

• Awarded the ‘best employee of the Accounts Department’ twice in one single year considering excellent analytical, judgmental, quick decision making and great problem solving skills

• Appreciated at work for proficiency in using PeopleSoft and the company’s comparative finance information system

• Proved to be one of the top employees who submitted every due report before time

• Achieved an appreciation certificate by an external client for ‘Excellent Customer Service’ while working with the company’s auditing team and assisting client’s financial analysis

• Accurately reviewed and resolved exception reports as well as researched, analyzed and resolved invoice payments’ transaction related matters

• Never failed in preparing Profit & Loss Statements and Statement of financial position for every provision partner as well as the parent company

• Acted as the most trusted and skilled point of contact for all internal cash management inquiries

• Received a pay rise instantly after getting GAAP standards certification

• Awarded with a 120% bonus after successful completion and positive utilization of the training workshop on MAS 200 – accounting software and the POS software (RetailPro )

• Maintained positive working environment by reporting any unusual and immoral act to the management while maintaining confidentiality

• Acted as a team lead for several minor accounting projects and brought accurate results strictly adhering to the deadlines for which I was always praised

• Became the most trusted advisor of the Accounts manager while working at company XYZ

• Received the “Rising Star” award on the employees day, six months after joining its accounts department based on excellent performance

• With strong and persuasive interpersonal and communication skills, always succeeded in explaining and making people without financial expertise understand any/all company/state/federal financial policies and procedures