Fast food workers work in dining settings and are usually required to manage food service for take out and dine in customers. They are usually trained on the job and are required to be familiar with health safety regulations.

If you are in the process of applying for this position, the following resume may assist you in your application process for this job.



Fast Food Worker Resume Example


Anna Carlton

800 SD Highway 73 ~ Meadow, SD 77733 ☏ (999) 911-9999 ✉ Email

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Fast Food Worker position at Carvel utilizing exceptional hospitality skills in order to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction in a dynamic environment.

• Over two years of experience working as a Fast Food Worker at Eat More Today
• Well-versed in maintaining first contact between establishment and customer
• Highly skilled in resolving customer complaints and addressing questions
• Hands on experience in preparing common fast food items


Customer ServiceCash Register• Complaints Management
Communication Complaint HandlingMultitasking
Food Safety Workplace CleanlinessAngry Customers Dealing


• Managed a particularly irate customer by providing her with excellent services and offered making her the now best customer of ABC Company.
• Attained Employee of the Month award three times in a single year.


December 2010 – Present
Eat More Today – Meadow, SD
Fast Food Worker

• Take customer orders and punch them in the order machine
• Take payments and notify kitchen staff about orders
• Serve and assemble orders for customers
• Make and serve hot beverages
• Communicate with customers for suggestions and complaints
• Return dirty dishes to kitchen
• Prepare food items as and when necessary
• Clean and organize both work place and eating areas

Diploma: Meadow High School, Meadow, SD – 2005