Service Writer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 3, 2022
Position Overview

Service writers are more commonly known as automotive service writers as they create a link between customers and businesses to ensure automobile repair.

Their primary task is to facilitate business transactions between two parties by taking into consideration customers’ needs and advising them about automotive solutions.

While assisting in the sale and purchase of automobiles is one of the duties of a service writer, it is not a major one; they primarily coordinate the provision of repair services for their customers.

As part of their work, service writers develop meaningful relationships with customers and perform many research activities to meet their customers’ automotive repair and maintenance needs.

Job Requirements

To work as a service writer, one does not need any formal education, although an interest in the automotive industry is essential.

It is also vital for a service writer to possess knowledge of how vehicles work so that he can understand customers’ issues and provide solutions to them.

Some companies make it mandatory for the people they hire as service writers to attend a course in vehicle technology, which goes a long way in preparing them for the job ahead.

Service Writer Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

• Greet vehicle owners as they arrive and ask them how they can be assisted.

• Confer with customers to comprehend the nature of the automotive issue and take notes.

• Determine possible solutions for customers’ vehicle problems and layout work procedures mentally.

• Do a manual “run through” of the vehicle in question and ask pertinent questions to understand problem details.

• Act as a liaison between customers and repair technicians to determine vehicle problems.

• Confer with technicians to understand the nature of the problem and relay information to customers.

• Provide customers with an estimated time of repair.

• Check customers’ vehicles to determine the need for maintenance.

• Research prices of parts and labor estimated required for each repair or maintenance task.

• Calculate estimated repair and maintenance costs and inform customers of the estimate.

• Compile the final bill of repairs or maintenance work and calculate the estimated time of repairs or maintenance.

• Engage in up-selling activities to endorse vehicle add-ons.

• Enter details of repair or maintenance work into the company’s ordering system for record purposes.

• Coordinate repairs and maintenance work on vehicles to ensure timely work.

• Contact customers when their vehicles are ready to be picked up.

• Hand over vehicles to customers and assist them in running the vehicle for checking purposes.

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