Grant Writer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 18, 2021

Most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can only work towards their objective if they have sufficient funding.

While it may seem an easy enough job to acquire funds for a given project, it is not easy at all.

Locating donors who will be interested in an NGO’s goals and are willing to spend many thousands of dollars to further their cause may be difficult.

Grant writers play an essential role where locating, contacting, and liaising with donors is concerned.

The primary job of a grant writer is to research funding opportunities and write grant letters or proposals in order to avail of these opportunities.

Needless to say, grant writers need to be exceptional communicators as they often need to speak to donors and of course, write to them as well.

It is important for a grant writer to understand the objective of an organization completely; only then is he or she able to write convincing content.

But writing proposals is not all that grant writers do – here is a list of job duties that a person working at this position performs:

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Sample Job Description for Grant Writer Resume

• Comprehend the organization’s need for funds by understanding its objectives and long term goals

• Research grant opportunities that best suit the needs of the organization by using tools such as the internet and personal contacts

• Establish and maintain contact with possible donors through various communication means

• Identify program officers in donor organizations and maintain effective liaison

• Develop and write grant proposals and ensure that program managers run them

• Write letters of inquiry and introduction and handle presentations for donors’ educational purposes

• Discuss budget needs with program managers and prepare budgets conforming to those needs

• Maintain submission calendars to ensure that all proposals are submitted on time

• Conduct research to enlist prospects

• Make appointments for tours for donor representatives wanting to verify organizational objectives

• Prepare effective reports on grant activities and success stories

• Follow up on all suspended, submitted, and awarded grants

• Provide donors with information on grant submission techniques

• Participate in fundraising activities and donor recognition events

• Assess the needs of each project requiring funds and put it on paper in an appealing manner

• Manage participation in field visits to comprehend the “feel” of funding needs

• Handle project priorities by ensuring that the most important project is at the top of the list

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