News Reporter Resume No Experience

Updated on: July 11, 2019

Working as a news reporter seems like a lot of fun.

However, you have to make sure that you provide information in your resume that will seem fun to the hiring manager as well.


In order to apply for a position as a news reporter (without prior experience), your resume has to be exceptionally well-written.

And this is only possible if you have some idea about the work.

It is important to note that your resume is your prime job application document. And it has to be perfect in every sense.

Since you are applying for this position, you must have had some volunteer or internship background. Do not forget to mention that in your resume.



Here is a news reporter resume sample that you can emulate:


News Reporter Resume No Experience



Janet Jones
2763 Mail Road, Conway, AR 10937
(000) 204-8547


Ambitious and competent individual, with an inherent interest in collecting and analyzing information in many areas, such as crime, and government. Competent in writing coverage, and conducting interviews with key persons. Highly skilled in reporting news items in an on-air capacity.

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism
Conway Technical School, Conway, AR – 2018

Awards and Honors

• Received 2 awards for consistently remaining on top of the Dean’s list, due to the exceptional academic record
• Honored for contributing to the school newspaper in a consistent manner, for 3 years

Academic Achievements

• Received 100% scholarship for the last year of the bachelor’s degree
• Won 5 medals owing to exceptional consistency in academics, throughout the course of the degree


• News Gathering
• Analysis
• On-air Reporting
• Interviews Management
• Breaking News Management
• Stories Generation
• Broadcasting
• Research
• Current Events


News Intern
Radical Views, Conway, ND | 1/2019 – 5/2019

• Built a strong resources network, and acquired information
• Generated stories and features, and developed them according to instruction
• Researched events, such as crimes and political rallies
• Wrote scripts for news headlines
• Prepared timelines for all news items, for recording, as well as live sessions
• Arranged interviews with persons of interest
• Reviewed content copies and corrected content errors
• Assisted in conducting live and taped interviews

• Volunteered services as a journalist for a startup television channel
• Led a team of volunteers to assist at 4 local orphanages

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