Grant Writer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 10, 2022

The purpose of a grant writer’s cover letter is basically to outline the candidate’s interest in the position and the prospective company, detailing how and why the candidate is suitable for the job.

In order to build a cover letter that fulfills this purpose, a job seeker needs to put in some extra effort.

In a grant writer cover letter, mention some of your skills and accomplishments in the middle paragraph which will create a grand advertisement of your potential. Once the employers see your achievements, they gauge your potential.

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Here is a sample cover letter for the grant writer position.

Sample Cover Letter for Grant Writer Position

Avery Benjamin
603 Spencer Ave
Bronx, NY 89434
(003) 222-3333
[email protected]

December 10, 2022

Ms. Fiona Jeffery
HR In Charge
American Heart Foundation
87 Duane Street
Bronx, NY 89434

Dear Ms. Jeffery:

I am writing to state my interest in the position of Grant Writer at the American Heart Foundation. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, excellent writing skills, and 5+ years of hands-on experience, I am equipped with all the competencies demanded by the position.

My following qualifications perfectly meet your needs:

  • Proven ability to develop exceptional, flawless, and highly pragmatic project designs with budget and timeline details and present the same to the potential funding party.
  • Substantial knowledge of and capability of maintaining productive relations with funding parties and sponsors.
  • Well-versed in MS office suite, automatic letter writing, database handling, project developing software, email, and internet usage.

Further, I have an inborn capability of conducting productive, fruitful, and compelling communication with potential funding parties. Apart from the skills and qualifications matched above for your convenience, I possess many more relevant capabilities detailed in the enclosed resume that makes me a fit for this position. I would be delighted to get a chance of sharing those with you in an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Avery Benjamin

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