Fundraising Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 27, 2021

Fundraising is a fun job to do, but it is also tricky. Most people and organizations may be unwilling to contribute even if it is for a good cause.

Fundraiser managers are trained professionals who know how to derive funds from different donors on behalf of the company.

Only meeting a donor and asking for funds is no good – one has to understand the mission of the organization he or she represents and make a plan to present to a donor.

Preparing a presentation on why your organization needs funds and what they will be used for is an excellent way of getting your point across to a donor.

A considerable part of a fundraising manager’s job is to research donor opportunities.

Finding out which organization is keen on supporting your organization’s missions is the key to gaining funds.

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Typical duties of a fundraising manager include:

Sample Job Description for Fundraising Manager Resume

• Research opportunities for fundraising and contact organizations who may have similar missions

• Make a list of possible grant providers and write proposals to reach out to them

• Meet prospective donors and present the company’s ideas and purposes to them

• Identify new relationships with institutional clients and build upon them

• Organize fundraisers such as outdoor events and door to door collections and attend relevant fundraisers

• Target charitable trusts that’s criteria is in sync with that of the company

• Develop fundraising strategies and ensure deliverables

• Ensure the development of existing and new fundraising initiatives

• Coordinate the development and delivery of web-based fundraising activities

• Interview and train employees to carry out fundraising activities

• Coordinate the efforts of employees to ensure that targets are met constantly

• Handle online auctions and merchandise sales to raise collectibles

• Recruit and organize volunteers to carry out fundraising activities

• Write applications, mail shots, and letters to donor agencies

• Handle departmental communication needs and set individual targets for each member of the fundraising teams

• Communicate with the public using social media and direct mail

• Create and maintain effective liaison with copywriters and printers to develop quality promotional materials

• Assess the success of each fundraising activity or event and create appropriate reports for the management’s review

• Coordinate supporter database segmentation for referral purposes

• Provide valuable input to the communication department with a fundraising focus

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