Fundraising Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: May 7, 2022

As one of the most important positions in a not-for-profit organization, a fundraising coordinator’s job is extremely challenging.

A fundraising coordinator is the face of an organization and is expected to create and maintain liaisons with donors and other organizations in order to obtain funds for specific projects.

The role of a fundraising coordinator holds so much importance simply due to its ability to attain funds in order to keep an organization running.

Since most NGOs thrive only because there is money being injected into them, it is important for fundraising coordinators to be aggressive when trying to arrange for funds.

There are many ways that a person working in this position can raise awareness and money for a particular project.

People who work in this position need to be well-versed in employing their skills to ensure results.

Have a look at the following resume sample for a fundraising coordinator’s position that will provide you with insight into how you can write one.

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Sample Resume for Fundraising Coordinator Position

Emma Watson
400 Robinson Street, Mission, KS 68100
(000) 999-9999
emma @ email . com


Motivated, self-starter with 8+ years of accomplished experience in enhancing project awareness and deriving funds from donors. Known throughout the not-for-profit organization industry for delivering and sustaining revenue for complex projects. Committed to generating the best results.

• Gained funds for a smoking ban project at the eleventh hour by employing extreme soliciting practices
• Singlehandedly managed a marketing campaign aimed at fostering corporate sponsor relationships with donor giants
• Identified seven new potent and constant fundraising opportunities in a single year
• Facilitated the execution of a major fundraising effort spanning seven states


Fundraising Coordinator
Go Buy Local, Mission, KS
• Handle fundraising activities by contacting sponsors and donors
• Manage direct fundraising requests and handle initial pitches
• Follow up on prospective donors through email and telephone
• Draw up proposals and letters for acquiring funding
• Provide support to the marketing and sales department with their awareness efforts
• Present project information to donor’s heads in order to gain funds
• Handle volunteers for fundraising projects
• Manage and execute special programs and events in order to attract donors to a particular cause

Fundraising Officer
Haley’s Children, Mission, KS
• Generated leads of donors by employing calling and emailing activities
• Followed up on strong leads and provided them information regarding needs for funding
• Provided information about particular projects to prospective donors
• Answered any question posed by prospective or present donors
• Assisted in preparing presentations for events and meetings
• Handled paperwork associated with closing donor deals

Bachelor of Business Administration 
Kansas State University, Mission, KS

• Sponsors’ identification
• Logistics handling
• Donors’ engagement
• Cold-calling
• Research
• Communication
• Networking
• Multi-tasking
• Planning and budgeting

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