Top 19 Utility Worker Skills for Resume (How to Write)

Updated on: July 20, 2021

The skills section is an integral part of a utility worker’s resume, and proper attention must be paid to build it. Hiring managers look for a particular set of skills in the ideal candidate to fill a utility worker vacancy. Therefore, it is crucial to complement your transferable skills to prospective employer needs.

How to Write Great Skills on a Utility Worker Resume?
  1. Write your skills in bullet phrases.
  2. Include the only skills that complement the utility worker job description provided by the employer.
  3. Make your skills section more convincing by adding some industry-specific keywords to each bullet.

The following are 19 sample skills statements for a utility worker resume. Use some of these statements in your resume to maximize its impact.

19 Sample Hard Skills to Use in a Utility Worker Resume

  1. Proficient in installing underground pipelines for water distribution and wastewater collection systems
  2. Well versed in operating power plant equipment under the direction of operational manager
  3. Special talent for repairing, fitting and replacing water taps and valves on main and service lines
  4. Particularly effective in using manual tools including chain saws, chippers, and jackhammers
  5. Expert in identifying and fixing pipeline leaks and pressure faults
  6. Profound ability to set up sediment control devices as per directions of the supervisor
  7. Track record of responding timely to customers’ utility service calls
  8. Proven skills in cutting, fitting and laying pipes
  9. Well practiced in loading, unloading and driving trucks and other heavy machinery to the worksite safely
  10. Fully capable of maintaining cleanliness and functionality of all tools and equipment
  11. Proficient in inspecting and maintaining water storage tanks and cleaning the yard when necessary
  12. Apt at enforcing proper safety practices and using appropriate PPE and traffic safety materials such as cones, arrow-boards and flagging signs around the worksite
  13. Experienced in determining the locations of gas, telephone, power, water and sewer lines from appropriate sources before excavation
  14. Proficient in repairing and replacing defective electricity and gas meters
  15. Excellent manual dexterity and physical stamina along with profound ability to bend, stoop and work in confined spaces
  16. Well versed in reconnecting water and power services after holidays
  17. Proven skills in performing routine grounds keeping, painting, carpentry, and plumbing tasks
  18. Skilled in repairing replacing and existing pre-laid pipeline based underground water and gas distribution systems
  19. Efficient in anticipating tools and equipment needed as per the nature of each assignment and loading the same in the company vehicle in a safe manner

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