Utility Worker Job Description and Qualifications

Updated on: July 9, 2022
Position Overview

Utility workers perform a variety of maintenance duties across many platforms.

They may be hired by construction companies, offices, and other organizations that have specific maintenance needs.

They play a huge role in keeping utility systems such as electricity, water, and gas up and running at all times.

Working as a utility worker requires one to be physically agile as there is a lot of physical activity involved.

One needs to possess knowledge of maintenance machinery and equipment and have some experience operating them.

While it is not important for utility workers to be formally educated, they must hold a high school diploma or an equivalent to be eligible for this position.

Take a look at some of the duties and qualifications that are particular to a utility worker’s job:

Utility Worker Duties and Responsibilities

• Take orders from supervisors for maintenance and repair of systems and buildings.
• Clear and clean job sites of debris and other hazardous materials and ensure that they are restored to their original states.
• Assist mechanics and other technical staff in testing, cleaning, and repairing utility systems.
• Provide support in repairing potholes and gutters.
• Assist office staff in custodial services and groundskeeping activities.
• Clean and maintain floor surfaces, ceilings, and windows.
• Empty trash receptacles and ensure appropriate disposing of trash.
• Clean restrooms and replenish supplies.
• Move equipment and furniture around the building.
• Assist stock personnel in handling inventory duties along with providing support in receiving, verifying, and storing office supplies.
• Assist with meal service tasks.

In order to be able to carry out all the duties mentioned above, it is important to possess a set of abilities.

Utility workers need to be thorough and detail-oriented while performing their work. They also need to possess good communication skills as they have to team up with other individuals to perform their work.

Some qualifications that you will need to work successfully in this role include:

Utility Worker Skills and Qualifications

• In-depth knowledge of using standard hand and power tools.
• Strong ability to follow oral and written instructions properly.
• Solid knowledge of installing and maintaining utility systems.
• Ability to read meters, pipeline drawings, blueprints, and maps.
• Knowledge of precautions necessary for ensuring a safe work environment for self and coworkers.
• Physical agility aimed at performing difficult manual labor.
• Deep knowledge of basic preventative and general maintenance activities.
• Ability to recognize hazards and take measures to avoid them.
• Able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with technical teams.

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