It is very important to include a cover letter with your resume no matter where you are applying or what for. A Utility Worker cover letter is the first thing an employer will see and you will be judged on what and how you write in it.

Limit your cover letter to one page to hold interest of the reader. Customize your cover letter per requirements of the employer. Give a personalize touch to the letter by adding sentence or two intended  to show your sincere interest in the specific employer.

Try to prove the employer that you’ve done your necessary work and have an authentic grasp of the organization’s mission and needs. Be sincere in your admiration, but don’t overexert it!

Look at the following example of a cover letter for a Utility Worker Resume which will enable you making a strong application.



Utility Worker Cover Letter Sample

456 Example North Street
Bethel, CT 02311

May 15, 2012

Ms. Amy Hathaway
Manager Operations
Springfield Mall
66 Quaker Ave
Bethel, CT 02355


Dear Ms. Hathaway:

I am writing concerning your position of Utility Worker at the Springfield Mall, as advertised on your website. With my extensive experience and skills in packaging, inspecting and sanitizing, I am confident in my ability to become a key member of your organization to contribute efficiently to your bottom line.

As you will note from my enclosed resume, I had been working as a utility worker since 2010 and have ample understanding of the nature of this job. My familiarity with a wide variety of tools and equipment make it easy for me to clean, service and repair most kinds of equipment as and when required.

Additionally, I have a demonstrated ability to provide incidental engineering services and looking after operations, sustenance and modernization of equipment. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to perform both skilled and unskilled labor duties including loading, packing and invoicing merchandize received and sent.

I would welcome an interview with you to discuss this position in detail for which I will call you in the coming week. In case you need any additional information, I will be available on my cell phone at (999) -555-3333 .

Thank you for taking out the time to reading this and considering my application.



John Stump

Enc. Resume