Food Safety Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: July 20, 2021

You have your lucky stars to thank if you know exactly what to write in a good resume.

Mostly, Food Safety Specialist resumes are just given a short glance and filed.

In order to make sure that this does not happen, you will have to give your resume the star power that it needs to make an impact on the person reading it. Easy, it isn’t.

But the difficulty is relative. Knowing and not knowing what the employer wants in a candidate is all there is to this problem.

Research well and you have yourself a perfect food safety specialist resume, like the one provided below:

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Food Safety Specialist Resume Sample

Linda Wilson
92 Glen Heather Street, Dacono, CO 80512
(000) 124-7844
[email protected]



  • 4+ years’ progressive experience in conducting food inspections to determine lack of food quality or storage conditions and providing an effective solution.
  • Adept at implementing plans to correct non-compliance of food safety protocols and handling food safety tests according to set rules.
  • Demonstrated expertise in administering food safety and quality assurance to ensure the highest level of accountability and value for a patron.
  • Highly skilled in developing quality systems such as SSOPs, HACCP and GMP to ensure food safety compliance with FDA and state regulations.
  • Able to train and mentor food handlers at all levels in preparing and storing food following food safety protocols.
  • Competent at serving as a technical expert to resolve food establishment crises related to state-led inspections.


Dec 2014 – Present
Food Safety Specialist
• Perform inspections of food handlers to ensure that sanitation, handling, temperatures, and equipment meet state and federal law specifications.
• Handle risk assessments on food safety programs including environmental monitoring and processing area segregation to mitigate food safety risks.
• Manage internal quality control audits and put in place preventative action processes.
• Develop and implement sanitation programs and provide workers with information on good manufacturing practices.
• Engage workers to ensure that they adopt food safety programs effectively.
• Coordinate action steps in areas where food safety tasks are not being followed and ensure compliance.
• Develop and implement positive solutions for all issues about food safety and sanitation.
Key Achievements
• Saved the facility from being closed down by the State-run food safety program by providing them with comprehensive documentation proving that all guidelines for followed.
• Implemented a series of food safety evaluations, resulting in 100% compliance with internal food safety procedures.
• Conducted food safety and compliance inspections regularly to determine if all safety protocols are being adhered to.

May 2011 – Dec 2014
Food Safety Officer
• Implemented a monthly food safety auditing procedure which increased the quality of processed food by 85%.
• Improved food production processes by employing well-placed regulation compliance directives and performing on-time risk assessments.
• Inspected both raw and cooked food items to determine compliance with food safety regulations.
• Assisted in creating and implementing food safety and preparer hygiene programs to ensure delivery of high-quality food items.
• Intervened in situations where compliance was lacking and mentored workers to ensure that they follow all rules.
• Provided suggestions for effective food items storage and made sure that food waste was appropriately disposed of.
• Checked and rejected or selected incoming shipments (of food) based on their quality.

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Health
Major: Food Safety

• Food Safety Evaluations
• Storage Solutions
• Plant Quality Maintenance
• Risk Assessment Processes
• Process Improvement
• Compliance Investigation
• Situational Health Directives
• Food Processing Operations
• Regulation Compliance
• Root Cause Processes
• Quality Control
• Operations Auditing

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