Usher Resume Sample

Updated on: May 11, 2022

Ushers work in cinemas, sports arenas, and auditoriums – the kind of work that they do actually depends on their actual workplace.

The type of resumes that need to be written for usher positions will depend on the type of work they have done in the past and the kind of environment they have worked in.

While the essence of an usher’s work is more or less the same regardless of where he works, it is important to possess knowledge of the particular arena that you are working in.

For instance, an usher working in a sports arena might not be too familiar with movies, so working in a cinema might not be easy initially.

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An usher’s resume must highlight his customer service skills, knowledge of theater seating, and the ability to manage crises.

Here is an example to help you further:

Sample Resume for Usher Position

John Granger
9 Walnut Grove, Irvine, KY 19376
(999) 999-9999
jgranger @ email . com


Highly motivated individual with a keen interest in theater works. Expertise lies in working with patrons, providing top-quality customer services, and maintaining a professional attitude during stressful circumstances. Proven success in working across various entertainment avenues including sports arenas and operas.


  • Able to follow designated entertainment protocols by blending customer services and company procedures
  • Extensive experience in handling emergency situations with an aim to ensure patron safety first
  • Expansive awareness of entertainment show types and managing ticketing and food service activities


  • Authenticity and verification
  • Customer service
  • Emergency protocols
  • Schedule management
  • Artist merchandise inventory
  • Premises security
  • Crises management
  • Order and cleanliness
  • Show advertising
  • Food and beverage
  • Communication
  • Patron movement


  • Reorganized the seating system by implementing ascending order aisles
  • Reduced paper wastage by 50% by employing the text ticketing system
  • Increased customer base by 60% following marketing initiatives such as dynamic window displays for new shows
  • Decreased ticketing queues by 20% by installing 3 new ticketing booths


Ramada Cinema, Irvine, KY               
11/2013 – Present
• Greet customers and check ticket stubs and electronic tickets
• Provide information on the location of aisles, cinema policies, and protocols
• Accompany customers to their seats and instruct them on ticket keeping policies
• Instruct customers on what to do during emergency situations and inform them of the locations of exits
• Provide information regarding the type of shows and age appropriateness of children
• Assist food and beverage vendors in finding customers’ seats so that they can deliver their orders
• Intervene in fights and brawls and attempt to normalize things to minimize problems for other viewers
• Assist in changing movie displays in cinema windows and halls
• Provide support to ticketing assistant during rush hours

Box Attendant
Olive Sports Arena, Irvine, KY             
1/2009 – 11/2013
• Provided customers with information on sports shows and timings
• Asked customers their date and time preferences for shows
• Printed tickets according to information provided by customers and asked them for age verification
• Assisted customers in choosing seats in the arena
• Handled cash and credit card payments and rendered change

High School Diploma

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