Tour Guide Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 31, 2019

To some, it may seem that working as a tour guide is all fun and games. However, it is a lot of hard work.

Not everyone can work on their feet all day, and still, have a smile on their face.


Working as a tour guide involves a lot of effort in setting up tour schedules, and ensuring that everyone is onboard.

This requires great skills set. And unless you highlight your skills in your resume, there is no way for you to be considered eligible for the position.

The first thing that you have to do is to create space for the skills section in your resume.

Then, you have to highlight your skills specific to the position of a tour guide.

These would include knowledge of different sites within and around the city primarily.


In addition, you have to highlight how well you can handle groups of tourists, all of who may not have the same interests.

In your resume for a tour guide position, you can write the following statements as your skills:

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Tour Guide Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in developing tour schedules for different sites.

• Effectively able to greet and welcome tourists and tourist groups, in order to make them feel welcome.

• Competent in providing safety instructions to tourists, as well as ensuring that they comprehend ways of donning safety devices.

• Qualified to ensure the safe embarking and disembarking of tourists on buses and vans.

• Exceptionally talented in engaging tourists in interesting conversation throughout the tour.

• Well-versed in preparing and giving presentations, and offering sightseeing advice.

• Unmatched ability to organize and lead excursions according to set schedules.

• Adept at educating tourists about the historical and political significance of different sites.

• Proficient in translating and interpreting languages spoken by locals.

• Ability to oversee the activities of tourist groups in order to ensure safety and wellbeing.

• Expert in outlining tour timelines, and enforcing timeliness.

• Particularly effective in demonstrating extensive knowledge of facilities and sites.

• Excellent skills in deescalating tension between tourists.

• Solid track record of providing spot-on information to tourists hoping to check out places on their own.

• First-hand experience in developing and distributing educational materials to tourists.

• Proven record of effectively explaining emergency procedures to groups, ensuring that they understand each point properly.

• Highly experienced in selecting the right routes and sites to be visited on specific days.


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