Tour Guide Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 31, 2019

Position Overview

Working as a tour guide is a fun job, especially if you are interested in history, and your surroundings enough to want other people to appreciate them as well.

Usually, a tour guide is hired by tourists, or tourist groups so that they can go to different places within a city, and understand and appreciate the beauty and history.


The good thing about this work is that you can do it either part time or full time.

This means that you can pick up another career while working as a tour guide during your free time as well.

Position Requirements

To be considered eligible to work as a tour guide, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

Even though there isn’t usually a set rule about this, it is best if you do possess basic education.


If you have a degree in history or something related, you may be considered a great person to hire. 

Tour Guide Skills and Abilities

It is essential to know that working as a tour guide is not easy. You have to be at the mercy of the heat and cold, and you have to be on your feet all day long.

Here is a list of work duties that you will be performing:

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Tour Guide Job Description for Resume

• Greet tourists and tourist groups and engage them in friendly conversation.

• Provide initial information regarding different places that they can see in and around the city.

• Inquire into tourists’ interests, and provide them with information on sites that they can visit.

• Create tour itineraries and give copies to all group members.

• Determine timelines and ensure that they are communicated to the group.

• Articulately provide safety instructions to clients in order to ensure their safety.

• Provide a general map of areas that need to be visited.

• Ensure that group members are aware of the use of safety devices.

• Oversee the embarking of members on buses or vans, and make a headcount.

• Provide engaging content to members throughout the trip, ensuring that they enjoy their commute.

• Point out different landmarks and provide information regarding them.

• Demonstrate extensive knowledge of historical places.

• Respond to questions regarding monuments, and places of interest.

• Ensure that any tension between guests is deescalated immediately.

• Monitor each member so as to ensure their physical safety.

• Make sure that the tour moves along with the schedule while remaining calm at all times.


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