Tour Guide Resume Sample

Updated on: May 31, 2019

The joy of working as a tour guide must be highlighted in your resume in terms of skills and experience.

If you are in the process of applying for this position, you must make sure that you know what the work is all about.



Once you know what you will be doing, for example, leading tourist groups on excursions in and around your city, you can pretty much write a good resume.

To see what you can place in your resume for a tour guide position, have a look at this sample:



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Tour Guide Resume Sample


Gunther Heathcliff
68 Lake Road, Volcano, HI80020
(000) 989-5684


Enthusiastic, resourceful, and well-organized tour guide, with exceptional knowledge of engaging tourists in an informative and interactive manner. Well-versed in providing a wealth of information regarding different facilities, and responding to questions in an informed manner.


  • Singlehandedly developed 3 itineraries, catering to diverse tourist groups.
  • Implemented the determination of a route system,  decreasing problems associated with figuring out different routes.
  • Introduced a set of safety rules, hence, reduced accidents by 50%.
  • Administered CPR to a tourist, thereby, saved his life during a particularly harrowing health issue mid-tour.


– Client Engagement
– Tour Scheduling
– Tourist Safety
– Location Determination

– Behavior Monitoring
– Materials Distribution
– Tourist Education
– Routes Development

– Checkpoint History
– Rules Compliance
– Sightseeing
– Activities Management


Tour Guide
  Gunflint Tours, Volcano, HI| 2015-present 

  • Welcome tourists and engage them in conversation to determine their likes.
  • Provide tourists with information on offered tours.
  • Conduct educational activities in order to ensure that tourist groups remain updated.
  • Provide information on specific routes and timelines.
  • Respond to questions regarding the history of different sites.
  • Escort or lead groups on sightseeing tours, through places of interest.
  • Describe in detail points of interest, and respond to queries.
  • Monitor all members in order to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
  • Ensure that all members remain in compliance with tour regulations.

Eagle Rider Tours, Volcano, HI | 2014-2015                

  • Handed out information packs such as flyers and brochures.
  • Assisted tourists by providing them with location information.
  • Ensured that all participants followed regulations and rules.
  • Oversaw safe embarking and disembarking on tour buses and vans.
  • Distributed material such as brochures and information packs.
  • Provided directions to tourists, so that they can make solo visits.


High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Volcano, HI – 2013


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