Rigger Resume Sample [+Duties & Skills]

Updated: May 11, 2023

Riggers are an important part of the construction staff since they perform many duties that are pertinent to lifting and moving extremely large or heavy objects. They are specialized professionals who use special equipment to assist workers in their work.

To work as a rigger, one does not necessarily require formal education but physical dexterity is needed in order to perform the job properly.

Here is a great resume sample or you if you are thinking to apply for a rigger job.

Sample Resume for Rigger Position

Jason Hugh
655 Candy Bar Sq, Atlanta, GA 45201
(000) 895-5490

 ❖❖ RIGGER ❖❖
NCCER Certified

Tactful rigger with excellent expertise in using rigging machinery effectively in association with hoisting devices. Proficient in rigging lines manipulation and gear pulling to support heavy equipment. NCCER Certified

• Demonstrated knowledge of and skills in safe rigging practices.
• Able to identify, comprehend, and perform crane signals.
• Well-versed in effectively communicating hoisting problems to concerned personnel.
• Trained in assembling, setting up, and dismantling rigging equipment.
• Exceptionally skilled in hand rigging procedures.


Caliber Services, Atlanta, GA
2016 – Present
• Interpret and apply information from work orders, specifications, blueprints, and drawings.
• Determine materials used in craft and demonstrate appropriate material handling techniques.
• Inspect rigging procedures to ensure safety and reliability.
• Rig, direct lift, and stage material, parts, and equipment.
Key Accomplishments
• Implemented many new and safe rigging practices at the firm and proficiently educated colleagues regarding the same.
• Identified a hazardous hoisting error and rectified it timely, saving the company from a significant loss.

Rigger Assistant
Omega Morgan, Atlanta, GA
2007 – 2016
• Assisted the foremen and crew as needed
• Worked onsite at customer locations
• Regularly completed rigging-associated paperwork
• Attached pulleys and weight blocks to overhead fixed structures with minimal supervision
Key Accomplishments
• Proactively determined the obstructions affecting structural stability on a major site and communicated the same, which led the management to resolve the issue and avoid hazardous rigging timely.

Associate of Science Degree in Rigging Technology
Community College, Atlanta, GA

Rigger Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

  • Attach loads to rigging machinery in order to move them from one place to another
  • Perform pulley and block-attaching a activities
  • Ensure that pulleys and blocks are properly attached to beams, ceilings, and pole booms
  • Make sure that the right amount sized bolts and clamps are used for each attachment
  • Handle the movement of heavy equipment with the help of controls
  • Assemble and dismantle rigging equipment at the end of each shift
  • Perform fabrication and repairing of structures using defined rigging machinery
  • Manipulate rigging lines and hoists in order to control attached heavy equipment
  • Ensure that the selected cables, pulleys, and winches are in accordance with the weight of the equipment that needs to be hoisted or moved
  • Communicate with construction staff using verbal communication or hand signals so as to ensure the safety and correct movement of heavy equipment or materials
  • Test and set up rigging for safety and maneuverability before each movement
  • Ensure compliance with safe rigging practices at every step of the rigging process
  • Perform cleanliness and maintenance duties on rigging equipment and tools
  • Ensure that all rigging gear is stored in a proper manner and is ready for the next shift
  • Create work reports at the end of each shift

Sample Skills for Rigger Resume

  • Rigging and supporting structures set up
  • Signaling
  • Directing workers
  • Hoisting and moving loads
  • Rigger gear testing rigging gear
  • Safety of machines and tools
  • Heavy equipment operations
  • Tilting
  • Dipping
  • Turning suspended loads
  • Suspension techniques
  • Aligning, leveling, and anchoring machinery
  • Rigging lines manipulation
  • Workplace safety

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