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Top 10 Rigger Skills and Abilities for Resume

If you do not mention your skills and abilities on your resume, your chances of being called in for an interview reduce significantly. Not many applicants understand this and end up sending in resumes that have all the other information but lack the skills section. There is a lot that you can write in this… Read More »

Rigger Resume Sample and Writing Guide

Consider the process of rigger resume writing as a task of answering a single question, that is: Why should we hire you? In order to answer this question, you need the following information: What is the employer seeking in the ideal candidate? Some background information about the hiring company. Exact tile of the position. Key… Read More »

Rigger Cover Letter Example

A rigger operates the equipment that moves large articles such as metal and steel plates, steel rods, and wooden objects. A candidate applying for a job as a rigger will need to ensure that his cover letter possesses the skills that are necessary to attach hooks and cables and other equipment that are needed to… Read More »