Material Handler Job Description and Duties

Updated on: July 23, 2020

Material Handler Job Description

Working primarily in the shipping industry, material handlers are responsible for receiving, stocking, and delivery of supplies and products in an organization. Their job includes receiving materials and ensuring that they conform to the invoices.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the delivery, material handlers count, and weigh parts to ensure that the right quantity has been received. They also rectify any discrepancies if they become evident during the quality control process.

The many responsibilities of material handlers also include storage and removal of materials that they unload from delivery vehicles. For them to be able to perform these duties, material handlers operate both manual and mechanical devices which help them stock these materials on shelves and in storage areas.

Material handlers not only handle materials coming into an organization but they also manage parts and products that a company may want to send out. In such a case, they pack and weigh materials and ensure that delivery trucks are loaded safely.

To understand what other duties material handlers perform in a day, have a look at the following:

Material Handler Duties and Responsibilities

• Receive materials and parts by unloading delivery materials.

• Process delivery notes and ensure that all deliveries match to invoices as far as quantity is concerned.

• Ensure the accuracy of delivered materials.

• Pack and unpack materials as they arrive.

• Ensure quality of materials by performing random checks on received deliveries.

• Use manual or mechanical equipment to unload and move materials to storage places and shelves.

• Follow instructions to understand material moving orders.

• Count and weigh materials to ensure accuracy.

• Stack items into bundles and band all bundles together to provide proper storage.

• Open containers using hand tools to ensure that appropriate delivery has been made.

• Install strapping and padding after loading material onto delivery vehicles.

• Transport materials to and from storage areas.

• Make adjustments to conveyor belts and rollers.

• Assemble crates to contain materials.

• Operate industrial trucks and electric hoists to handle material moving and loading.

• Shovel loose materials into containers.

• Maintain inventory and supplies records.

• Ensure that all waste is handled according to the company’s guidelines.

• Ensure that all invoices and work orders are properly maintained in files and databases.

• Manage routine warehouse housekeeping tasks.

• Label containers for identification purposes.

• Operate forklifts to ensure easy movement of materials.

• Verify that outward materials reach their destinations on time.

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