Editorial Assistant Cover Letter Example

Updated on: April 19, 2019

Editorial Assistants usually work with book publishers by assisting editors with processing books through to publishing.

Their primary duties are to write and edit copy, proofread manuscripts and do minimal researches for the publication house that they are working for.



While an Editorial Assistant resume shows your accomplishments and experience, the cover letter for an Editorial Assistant position emphasizes and expands on your relevant skills and aspects.

It is, in fact, an overview of the “best bits” of your resume.



Editorial Assistant Cover Letter Sample


127 Winter Cottage Place
Las Vegas, NV 66635

April 19, 2019

Ms. Amanda Hall
Senior Editor
Nirvana Publishers
4443 LA Jolla Way
Las Vegas, NV 66633


Dear Ms. Hall:

There is no other reason for me to want to apply for the position of an Editorial Assistant than my great love for books and reading. It felt like a dream come true when I saw your advertisement for the open position of an Editorial Assistant at Nirvana Publishers. I am confident that my editing skills, proofreading acumen and love for the printed page will add a substantial contribution to your company.

I had been working as an Editorial Assistant for Forville Books for one year and understand just what it entails to be one. My love for books is not the only driving force that makes me an excellent choice for this position. I possess exceptional communication skills and a thorough understanding of conceptual grammar that assist me in ensuring high-quality proofreading.

Additionally, my ability to set priorities and meet deadlines continually makes me work well even under the heaviest of pressure. My creative side helps me in preparing copy as well as a highly experienced editor, and I take pride in it. I also possess the necessary research skills that are so important to do justice to editorial work.

I would like to meet you in person to discuss the possibility of my joining at this position. I will call your office on Monday to set up an interview date at your convenience. Thank you for considering my application for this Editorial Assistant position at Nirvana Publishers.




Bethany Todd
(000) 555-5555


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