Warehouse Material Handler Resume Sample

Updated on: April 26, 2021

A warehouse material handler resume is typically a 1-page document that contains information about the skills, qualifications, and experiences of a job seeker.  If written with care, it can bring many interviews and help you negotiate your salary on your terms.

In order to write a winning resume, you have to customize it as per the needs of the employer. Keep it targeted and to the point by eliminating non-relevant information and experiences. 

Take a look at a warehouse material handler resume sample that has relevant and organized information:

Warehouse Material Handler Resume Sample

Edward Jones
56 William Henry Road, Kaneohe, HI 96744 
(000) 401-3493
edjones @ email . com


• Hardworking and dedicated individual with 15+ years of experience of handling materials within a warehouse environment, by following set procedures.
• Well-versed in operating machinery and tools to manage the movement of materials in and out of the warehouse.
• Demonstrated expertise in pulling orders from storage areas by following instructions accurately
• Hands-one experience in loading and unloading packages from and onto delivery trucks and pallets
• Qualified to operate and perform general and preventative maintenance on forklifts
• Proficient in tracking and monitoring inventory levels and ensuring that they are maintained at optimal levels


Warehouse Material Handler
(6/2014 to Present)

Selected Achievements
• Introduced an electronic labeling system that reduced labeling outgoing orders time by 60%.
• Implemented a warehouse ordering system, which streamlined the order locating process.
• Provided training to 15 new staff members in performing preventative maintenance on forklifts and manual and power lifts.
• Ensured that all safety protocols are constantly adhered to.

Tasks Performed
• Look through daily order sheets and determine the type and number of orders.
• Receive incoming orders and assist in unloading them from delivery trucks.
• Check to determine the accuracy of order by ensuring that the right type and quantity has been received.
• Ascertain that all incoming orders are carefully labeled and stored in appropriate storage areas.
• Operate forklifts to physically move incoming shipments to the designated storage areas.
• Pick orders from storage areas and ensure that they conform to the quantity and type asked for.
• Transport picked orders to the delivery pallet after ensuring that they are properly labeled and packed.
• Assist in loading picked orders onto delivery vehicles after ensuring that appropriate paperwork has been managed.
• Create incoming and outgoing shipment reports and feed them into the system.
• Coordinate efforts with procurement officers to ensure ordering and delivery of items that are low in stock.

Warehouse Worker
AMETEK, Kaneohe, HI
(1/2006 to 6/2014)
• Assisted in loading and unloading items from delivery trucks.
• Carried them to inspection pallets and provided support in ensuring that they conform to work orders.
• Transported incoming shipments to storage areas and ensured that are properly and safely stacked.
• Assisted in picking and carrying orders to delivery pallets.
• Ensured the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the warehouse area.

High School Diploma

• Order Pulling
• Order Verification
• Inventory Control
• Pallet Placement
• Preventative Maintenance
• Order Report Management
• Order Monitoring
• Power Lifts Operation
• Stocking
• Cycle Counts
• Safety Inspection
• Freight Handling