Warehouse Material Handler Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 28, 2021

Warehouse material handlers hold important places in a warehouse or freight environment. They receive shipments and help in unloading them from delivery trucks.

They make sure that the correct shipment has been received by comparing received items with order sheets. And it is up to them to make sure that all incoming and outgoing shipments are properly coordinated.

Here is a list of duties that you will be performing in your role as a warehouse material handler:

Warehouse Material Handler Job Description for Resume

• Comprehend work orders to determine the day’s shipment receiving and dispatching duties

• Receive incoming shipments and assist in unloading them from delivery trucks

• Check each unloaded box/package to ensure that it conforms to the original order sheet

• Transport packages/boxes to the inspection area and ensure that they are accurate in number and quality

• Operate forklifts to transport shipments to designated shelves in the storage area

• Stack all placed boxes and packages in a secure manner

• Take orders for pulling items from storage areas and ensure that they are transported to inspection pallets in a safe manner

• Compare the order sheet with the pulled orders and ensure that appropriate labels such as batch and item numbers are placed on them

• Pack and secure items according to specific instructions provided by the client and in accordance with company procedures

• Create correlating paperwork for each shipment and ensure that it accompanies the correct package or box

• Transport items to the delivery pallet and ensure that they are properly stacked and strapped in the delivery vehicle

• Provide customers with timelines for shipment deliveries over the telephone or in-person

• Update the statuses of each shipment in the company database

Warehouse Material Handler Position Requirements

Eligibility requirements to work as a warehouse material handler include a high school diploma or equivalent at the very minimum.

While you may not require a high-level degree to work at this position, you do need to be physically strong and dexterous, as you will be required to perform a lot of heavy lifting and moving. Prior experience in working in a warehouse comes in handy.

It is important for warehouse material handlers to be organized and thorough in their work. A wrongly picked order may mean the cancellation of an entire order.

Not only do you have to be meticulous in your work, but you should also have it in you to handle order discrepancies in a prompt and efficient manner.

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