Material Handler Resume: 2 Samples, Job Description, Skills

Updated on: January 27, 2023

Material Handler works in industrial / manufacturing settings. Their primary responsibilities are to ship, receive, stock, and deliver parts between production units and from the factory to the customers.

In order to apply for a material handler job, a job seeker will need to write a resume, as well as a cover letter. The following guidelines and 2 material handler resume samples will guide you in your resume writing process.

A resume for a material handler position is a brief yet descriptive summary of your relevant professional skills and experiences from the perspective of what you want to achieve. It is not meant to be a complete list of every professional activity or achievement. 

In fact, a resume work as an advertising tool to bring you to a material handler interview. This means that your relevant qualifications and material handling skills must match the requirements of the employer for the material handler job.

How to Write a Professional Resume for Material Handler Position?

The following 8 tips will you with writing a perfect resume:

  1. Start your resume with a career summary or professional highlights.
  2. Entry-level job seekers and career changers should use a material handler objective statement to start their resumes.
  3. Create separate sections for your material handling skills and achievements.
  4. Include only relevant experiences. 
  5. Do not go beyond 20 years when listing your experiences.
  6. Use 5 to 6 bullet statements per experience to describe your duties in previous roles.
  7. Proofread your resume manually before sending it.
  8. Send a Material Handler Cover Letter along with your resume.

Material Handler Resume Sample 2
Experience: 10+ Years

Antonio Carter
Putney, VT 88987 
(000) 105-2525 
antoniocarter @ email . com


Dependable and hardworking with a friendly and fun attitude.

Physically strong and agile warehouse professional with 13 years of vast experience in handling materials in warehouse and production plant environments. Highly skilled in unloading, moving, and storing materials using manual lifts and transfer equipment. Particularly effective in pulling orders, tracking and monitoring inventory levels, verifying orders, and deliveries prior to shipments, and loading correct quantities onto delivery vehicles.

– Inventory Management – Damage Control
– Pallet Jack – Warehouse Management Systems
– Production Sheets Development
– Auditing – Storage Protocols
– Item Identification Codes
– Materials Assembly
– Order Verification Procedures
– Banding Machines Use
– Logistical Processes


Material Handler
RYDER, Putney, VT
6/2018 – Present

  • Introduce an inventory management system that sounded alerts when it was down 30%.
  • Implemented damage control procedures, reducing item damage by 40%.
  • Receive orders for pulling items.
  • Locate items within the storage areas,
  • Pull orders, tag them and make them shipment-ready by following company procedures,
  • Maintain storage areas by ensuring that they are kept clean and neatly stacked at all times,
  • Load and unload materials within the plant or warehouse area to make them ready to be shipped to clients,
  • Open containers using dedicated tools such as claw hammers, cutters, and crowbars,

Material Handler
YTU Co., Putney, VT
5/2011 – 6/2018

  • Coined a series of identification codes for different materials, making it easy to pull orders,
  • Introduced a 1 step order verification procedure, thereby decreasing the time it took to verify orders following the initial 5 steps,
  • Loaded materials into delivery vehicles and ensure that they were properly and safely stacked,
  • Marked and tagged containers and ensure that any damaged materials were reported on an immediate basis,
  • Attached slings and hooks to lift cargo and guided loaders within the plant/warehouse,
  • Ensured that appropriate paperwork was processed with each type of outgoing and incoming order,

Warehouse Aide
10/2009 – 5/2011

  • Assisted in locating items to be pulled within the warehouse storage areas.
  • Pulled items from shelves and checked them against orders to ensure accuracy.
  • Transported picked materials to tagging areas and ensured that they are properly labeled.
  • Ensured that packed and labeled items are transported to the delivery pallet in a safe manner.
  • Assisted in loading and stacking boxes neatly and safely in the transport/delivery vehicle.

High School Diploma – 2009
Community School, Putney, VT


  • Warehouse Inventory System
  • MS Word and Excel

Material Handler Resume Sample 1
Experience: 5+ Years

Ben Tennison
(000) 989-9779  
[email protected]
93 Heatherwood Drive, Reno, NV 55534


Offers great physical stamina and skills in organizing, sorting, and categorizing merchandise to maximize the efficiency of the warehouse.


  • 5+ years of extensive experience working in material handling jobs
  • Highly skilled in loading and unloading material within a warehouse setting
  • Able to operate a forklift and pallet jack
  • Hands-on experience in performing visual inspections to ensure that materials are identified as per the PO
  • In-depth knowledge of planning, organizing, and managing time to complete simultaneous work duties


  • Demonstrated ability to make timely decisions
  • Good housekeeping and safety acumen
  • Profound mechanical and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs
  • Able to perform necessary math calculations
  • Effective communication skills


  • Processed a shipment of precious parts to an offshore site without any damage, which decreased damage cost by $50000.
  • Provided training to a group of six new handlers to manage an especially big materials shipment.


Material Handler
Jan 2020 – Present

  • Supply proper materials to the system as and when required.
  • Monitor material systems for fault-free operations.
  • Receive materials from the dock.
  • Provide replenishment materials to the manufacturing plant.
  • Review packing slips for necessary data.
  • Secure the lifting attachments to the material to convey to the destination.
  • Update records in the database.

ABC Company, Reno, NV
May 2017 – Jan 2020

  • Read the loading sheet to ascertain materials or pallets to be moved.
  • Conducted day-by-day operator checklist.
  • Loaded materials into the trailer.
  • Placed a load lock in an appropriate location on the container.
  • Cleaned and straightened assigned loading dock.

High School Diploma
City School, Reno, NV – 2005


  • Thorough understanding of OSHA, EPA, and other regulations of safe practices
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite
  • Willing to learn company-specific software

Material Handler Job Description for Resume

Candidates often find it difficult to formulate their job duties when creating the experience section of the resume. If you are facing the same problem, we offer the solution!

Here are some sample job description statements for a material handler job. These can be used to build an ideal resume for the material handler position.

  • Processed incoming and outgoing shipping transactions.
  • Posted receipts, and material transfers to the warehouse.
  • Processed and tracked inventory transfers in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Packed, unpacked, and sorted materials.
  • Organized material in warehouse racks using an inventory system
  • Operated pallet jacks and forklifts as and when needed.
  • Loaded and unloaded materials and merchandise to and from trucks.
  • Kept track of orders shipped through the timely filing of data in relevant inventories.
  • Ensured the appropriate labeling of items.
  • Packed the materials appropriately before loading them for dispatching.
  • Kept track of all orders and dispatch priority orders first.
  • Kept the stock inventory updated.
  • Located material and packed products in the warehouse as and when needed.
  • Scanned the material manually while stocking and notified the supervisor immediately if any deficit is visible.
  • Entered daily transaction information in the related software.
  • Supported in distribution by timely picking, wrapping, packing, and loading of ordered material for clients.
  • Assembled crates for loading, using hand tools if needed.
  • Installed bracing, padding, and strapping to loaded materials in the vehicle to ensure safe and secure dispatching of ordered material.
  • Maintained the workplace and warehouse in a neat, clean, and orderly condition.
  • Adhered to workplace safety protocols at all times.
Material Handler Skills Page Image

Material Handler Skills for Resume

1. Demonstrated ability to pick orders from inventory/storage areas by efficiently using manual lifts and forklifts.

2. Highly skilled in identifying and verifying picked items against work orders to ensure the accuracy of orders.

3. First-hand experience in handling packing, labeling, and shipping duties according to the specific protocols of the warehouse.

4. Competent at maintaining the inventory of items within the warehouse and providing timely alerts regarding low inventory levels.

5. Proven record of efficiently performing paperwork associated with picked materials to ensure complete records management.

6. Talented in supporting production efforts by conveying parts between distribution points and manufacturing lines.

7. Adept at optimizing packaging duties for all outgoing shipments while placing special focus on the safety of items.

8. Highly experienced in operating pallet jacks while ensuring that all safety guidelines are properly met and followed.

9. Exceptionally well-versed in implementing and following safety procedures while performing regular work duties.

Material Handler Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Customer Service
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Attention to Details
  • Physically Dexterous
  • Teamwork
  • Working Independently
  • Following Instructions
  • Can-do Attitude
  • Friendly and Fun

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