Maintenance Worker Recommendation and Reference Letter Sample

Updated on: February 26, 2024
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Maintenance workers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operations of a company. These skilled professionals maintain, repair, and inspect various equipment, machinery, and infrastructure, contributing to the overall functionality and efficiency of an organization.

A well-written recommendation letter can greatly enhance the prospects of an aspiring maintenance worker, as it showcases their abilities, work ethic, and dependability.

This page aims to assist individuals in crafting impactful recommendation letters for maintenance workers.

Remember, the purpose of a recommendation or reference letter is to provide a comprehensive and honest evaluation of the candidate's abilities, work ethic, and character. It is an opportunity to highlight their accomplishments, professionalism, and dedication within the maintenance field. 

Whether you are a supervisor, employer, or colleague, we trust that our recommendations will assist you in articulating the outstanding qualities of the maintenance workers you are recommending.

Maintenance Worker Recommendation Letter Sample

February 26, 2024

To Whom It May Concern

I am delighted to write this recommendation letter for John Smith, who has worked as a maintenance worker at ABC Facility Management for the past five years. Throughout this period, John has consistently demonstrated dedication, reliability, and exceptional technical skills.

John is a highly skilled maintenance worker who possesses an impressive repertoire of knowledge in various areas, including electrical systems, plumbing repairs, and general facility maintenance. In particular, I have been amazed by John’s ability to troubleshoot and swiftly resolve complex maintenance issues. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that all tasks are completed accurately and to the highest standards.

During his time at ABC Facility Management, John has taken on several crucial projects, including the installation of a new HVAC system and the renovation of multiple office spaces. His excellent problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness were instrumental in the successful completion of these projects. Not only does he possess a solid foundation of technical expertise, but he also demonstrates the flexibility to adapt to new challenges and learn quickly.

John’s strong work ethic and professionalism have made him highly valued among his colleagues. He consistently exhibits a positive attitude and willingly collaborates with others, ensuring smooth communication and effective teamwork. His exceptional communication skills enable him to explain technical concepts clearly to staff members, fostering a harmonious working environment.

In addition to his technical proficiency, John is incredibly reliable and trustworthy. He consistently arrives on time, ready to tackle any task that comes his way. His strong problem-solving abilities and keen attention to detail have consistently impressed both myself and his fellow coworkers.

Overall, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending John Smith for any maintenance worker position. His exceptional expertise, reliability, and personable nature make him an outstanding candidate. Please feel free to reach out to me should you require further information or clarification regarding my recommendation.


Jane Doe
Facilities Manager
ABC Facility Management

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Maintenance Worker?

Writing a recommendation or reference letter for a maintenance worker requires careful attention to detail and an understanding of their job responsibilities and skills. Here are some guidelines to help you write an effective letter:

1. Use a professional tone:

Begin the letter with a formal salutation, such as “To Whom It May Concern,” if you don’t have a specific recipient. Maintain a professional tone throughout the letter.

2. Introduce yourself and your relationship to the maintenance worker:

Start by introducing yourself and providing your job title or position. Briefly explain in what capacity you have worked with the maintenance worker and for how long.

3. Highlight the worker’s skills and expertise:

Discuss the maintenance worker’s technical skills and expertise. Mention their knowledge in areas such as electrical systems, plumbing repairs, and general facility maintenance. Provide specific examples of projects they have handled successfully and mention any exceptional problem-solving abilities or resourcefulness.

4. Emphasize their work ethic and professionalism:

Highlight the worker’s strong work ethic, reliability, and professionalism. Discuss their punctuality, attention to detail, and ability to work well with others. Mention any instances where they have demonstrated a positive attitude, effective teamwork, and clear communication skills.

5. Provide concrete examples:

Support your statements with specific examples of the maintenance worker’s achievements and contributions. This could include successfully completing major projects, handling complex maintenance issues, or receiving recognition for their work.

6. Express your recommendation:

Clearly express your recommendation for the maintenance worker. State that you have no hesitation in recommending them for any maintenance worker position and highlight their exceptional expertise and personable nature.

7. Offer further assistance:

Indicate that you are available for further information or clarification if needed. Provide your contact information so that the recipient can reach out to you.

8. Close the letter:

End the letter with a polite closing, such as “Sincerely,” followed by your name, job title, and organization.

Remember to personalize the letter based on your own experiences and observations of the maintenance worker. This will make the recommendation letter more genuine and valuable.

Final Thought

Crafting a powerful recommendation letter for a maintenance worker can make a significant impact on their career prospects. With our helpful resources and examples, you have the tools to create a compelling endorsement that highlights their abilities and dedication. Empower deserving individuals by supporting their journey towards success with a thoughtful and well-written recommendation letter.


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