Healthcare Worker Reference and Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated November 11, 2022
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Have you been asked to write a reference letter for an employee recently?

Are you clueless about how to write one?

Well for starters, you should be happy that you have been asked to write one. Why?

Let’s focus on how to handle the task at hand – reference letter writing.

When you are asked to write a reference letter, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Do I know this person well enough to provide a reference?
  2. Is he or she worth a reference from me?
  3. Can I truthfully write a reference letter outlining the individual’s expertise and positive personality traits?

If the answer to all these is a resounding yes, let’s move on to writing one.

Here is a sample reference letter for a CNA (certified nursing assistant) that might interest you.

Sample Reference and Recommendation Letter for Healthcare Worker

November 11, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

It is a pleasure to recommend Dana Ross who has worked as a Healthcare Worker at Sava Healthcare under my supervision. Her extraordinary ability to analyze patients’ conditions and outline necessary courses of action has been invaluable to the unit since she joined us 3 years ago.

Dana is full of energy and knows exactly where to draw the line between professionalism and personal feelings. As a compassionate individual, she gives more attention to patients compared to others. Her comprehension of nursing assistance is immense and her ability to provide adjunct care is nothing less than perfect. Dana’s greatest talent lies in developing effective relationships with her patients, which help in the delivery of exceptional nursing care, especially in circumstances where patient cooperation is limited.

She always took up extra responsibility, performed all work in a timely manner, and provided patient comfort through the effective utilization of resources. I am positive that she will continue to be more productive in your facility as she is a talented professional who has been exceptionally well-trained.

If you need more information regarding Dana, please feel free to contact me.


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Emma Dodge
Nurse Manager, Sava Healthcare
96 Avery Street, Golden, CO 10112
(000) 333-3333
emma @ email . com

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