Maintenance and Repair Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 5, 2019

Writing a cover letter to apply for a maintenance and repair worker is very important. Why?

Because it provides the hiring manager with many reasons to consider you for the job. The resume alone cannot do this.


It is all very well to say that cover letters are important, but you have to ensure that what is written in a cover letter is what the hiring manager wants to see.

For a repair and maintenance worker position, you will need to highlight your knowledge of handling both these areas in commercial and residential settings, depending on where you’re applying.

Typically, your cover letter should highlight the many reasons that you should be hired for the position, including your ability to handle the cleaning and sanitizing tasks.

Also, you must emphasize your knowledge of handling HVAC repair and maintenance work, as well as managing grounds keeping work.


You may want to refer to the following cover letter sample for a maintenance and repair worker position:

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Maintenance and Repair Worker Cover Letter


Kate Vine
(000) 582-1189

August 5, 2019

Mr. Andrew Bridges
Human Resources Manager
Great Residential
54 Fell Avenue
San Diego, CA 29475


Dear Mr. Bridges:

I am especially interested in working as a maintenance and repair worker at your organization because your requirements are exactly what I have to offer. I possess 5 years of experience working in the capacity and can handle the work in residential and commercial buildings. Please refer to the attached resume for details on my work experience.

As a dedicated individual, I can effectively handle a wide variety of repair and maintenance tasks with great results. Specifically, I am adept at performing cleaning activities such as sweeping and mopping, and can effectively handle sanitizing work as well. In addition, I am proficient in handling repair jobs, including fixing broken locks and filling gaps in walls. Also, I am well-versed in determining and fixing wiring issues while ensuring the minimum downtime.

With a great set of skills in both repair and maintenance areas, I am positive that I am the best individual to hire as a maintenance and repair worker. I will stay in touch with you so that a mutually convenient interview date and time can be arranged soon. Until then, I’ll be available at (000) 582-1189 if you need to reach me.

Thank you for considering my credentials for the Maintenance and Repair Worker position at Great Residential.




Kate Vine

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