Food Service Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 25, 2018

What do you imagine is capable of making a hiring manager wide-eyed with wonder when he goes through a resume?

The answer is not the experience or education section. These are bits of information that are obvious in a resume.

A hiring manager will be excited at the prospect of hiring an individual who possesses skills that are a perfect match for his requirements. How you qualify for a current position is much more critical to an employer than all the complicated and straightforward job duties that you performed in an earlier position.

Verdict: The skills section on a food service assistant resume is critical to create and build upon.

Who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing in a professional capacity is information that is crucial to a hiring manager who is looking for exceptional people to hire. The more a hiring manager knows about your skills and qualifications, the easier it becomes for him or her to decide if you are eligible for an interview.

For a food service assistant, here is a list of skills that you can mention on a food service assistant resume:


Food Service Assistant Skills for Resume


• First-hand experience in working with hospitality managers and cooks to create menus for customers and residents.

• Highly skilled in preparing food items such as salads and soups with a particular focus on maintaining the quality of each dish.

• Well-versed in handling food preparation work such as cutting, chopping, cubing and slicing meats and vegetables.

• Deeply familiar with handling food portioning duties according to customers’ or residents’ specific requirements and likes.

• Highly aware of putting together healthy meals for residents by conforming to their diet plans and nutritious requirements.

• Proficient in assembling food trays according to protocol and delivering them to customers/residents in a timely manner.

• Consult residents’ charts to determine changes in their diets and ensure that this information is accurately communicated to the kitchen.

• Collect trays from residents’ rooms at a designated time and transport them back to the kitchen area.

• Ascertain that all kitchen surfaces such as counters and floors are kept clean and sanitized on a regular basis.

• Assist kitchen staff in washing dishes and cutlery during rush hours and ensure that all washed utensils stored appropriately.

• Assist with removing and disposing of trash according to sanitation and waste disposal protocols.

• Minimize food wastage by ensuring that only the right amount of food items are cooked, baked or grilled.