Farm Hand Resume Sample [+Writing Guide]

Updated March 22, 2021
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Various farms hire professionals to manage their operations. The general duties of a farmworker/hand may involve milking the animals, maintaining the farm, cultivating, and harvesting the crops.

To make your resume for the farmhand position shine, you need to keep the following things in mind.

First of all, you need to understand the importance of a winning resume. An exceptional resume will land you an interview. Your farm hand resume must address these questions very briefly:

What do you know regarding farming?
What have you previously done in the field?
What knowledge do you have regarding farming?
What were your duties in your previous role?

You can adopt any resume format, make sure the information you add is relevant and a true reflection of your potential.

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Sample Resume for Farm Hand Position

Kevin Forest
5466 Harvest Lane, Springdale, AR 56444
(000) 986-2541
[email protected]


Dedicated and hardworking farm worker with hands-on experience in managing the overall operations of the farm. Well-versed in cultivation and animal breeding tasks. Particularly skilled in cleaning and bundling farm produce.

– Weed controlling
– Rotator hoeing
– Harvesting
– Milking operations
– Closure maintenance
– Equipment sterilization
– Livestock raising
– Shearing and dipping
– Artificial insemination


Farm Hand
Hillshire farm House, Springdale, AR
May 2012 – Present
• Prepare milking machinery and assist in milking operations
• Perform all tasks associated with livestock breeding including branding
• Ride on horseback to muster cattle
• Assist in crop cultivation and soil sowing
• Sustain the farm building, fences, gates, and closure in a maintained manner

Key Achievements
✔ Erected fences and pens singlehandedly to build a temporary enclosure for the farm animals while the farmland was being renovated
✔ Introduced a unique modern packaging system that reduced packing cost by 20%

Farm Worker
Christensen Farms, Springdale, AR 
Dec 2010 – Jun 2012
• Plowed, planted, watered, and harvested crops
• Ensured proper and timely fertilization of crop soil
• Performed weed and pest control procedures in a safe manner
• Fostered farm animals
• Maintained all farm machinery in excellent, functional condition
• Constructed vine trellises to support vines, berries, and fruit

Key Achievements
✔ Set up a greenhouse and transplanted seedlings by hand saving the farmer a big loss due to improper soiling

Valley School, Springdale, AR

• Able to read and write and follow instructions accurately
• Current driver’s license 
• Familiar with modern farming methods
• Well versed in performing general tasks of cultivation as well as livestock farming

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