Agricultural Worker Resume Sample

Updated: June 6, 2016


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Agricultural Worker Resume Sample


Trent Darby

785 Rusty Road ● Twin Falls, ID 44445 ● (000) 999-1012 ● tredar @ email . com


Professional Summary: Highly energetic and enthusiastic Agricultural Worker with vast experience in maintaining the quality of crops and livestock by performing both physical work and operating machinery. Qualified to harvest and inspect crops by paying special attention to individual care for each type of planted crop. A hardworking individual who is well-versed in setting up irrigation channels to ensure delivery of water supply to each crop row on the farmland. Performs cultivation and harvesting using a wide variety of tools and machines.


• Irrigation Systems Planning • Farm Animals Care
• Plant / Crop Identification • Vehicles/Machinery Maintenance
• Self-propelled Machinery Operations • Livestock Branding
• Crops Processing • Greenhouse Bed Preparation
• Harvesting • Pesticide Application
• Seasonal Work Oversight • Disease Detection

• Successfully detected a crop disease at the initial stages and took measures to stop it from ravaging the farmland.
• Devised a novel irrigation method, which decreased water wastage by 89%.
• Introduced an organic pesticide, which resulted in increased crop growth and decreased wastage (brought on by chemical pesticides).
• Developed a pain free method of branding farm animals through organic paints, resulting in commendation from the agricultural department of the state.


Agricultural Worker | 2/2009 – Present
The Tarragon Farmland, Twin Falls, ID

• Perform digging work to make space for planting crops and plants
• Plant crops in designated places and in accordance to seasons and supervisor instructions
• Apply pesticides and fertilizers to ensure that crops grow swiftly and that diseases are kept at bay
• Identify weeds to be taken out and perform or oversee performance of weeding processes
• Direct and monitor the work of seasonal and part time workers to ensure that they are properly handling weeding, planting and watering activities
• Devise irrigation channels and methods to ensure that all crop lines are provided with water

Agricultural Worker | 11/2005 – 2/2009
AES Farms, Twin Falls, ID

• Effectively directed and monitoredthe activities of work crews to ensure appropriate planting, weeding and harvesting.
• Determined problems such as diseases or injuries on farm animals and promptly addressing them to ensure their comfort and wellbeing
• Operated machinery such as tractors, harvesters and irrigation equipment to plow, harrow and fertilize soil
• Tended to farm animals by ensuring that they are timely fed and groomed and look for and address any signs of distress or disease
• Assisted in repairing farm buildings and fences, along with other structures around the agricultural land

Farm Hand | 1/1999 – 11/2005
The Bay Agricultural Area, Twin Falls, ID

• Dug trenches according to specifications provided for depth and width
• Planted crops in designated manner, paying special attention to crop line fundamentals
• Assisted in performing harvesting and cutting duties using machineries such as tractors and harvesters
• Performed repair work on farm buildings and fences and ensured that all paint work is handled in a prompt manner
• Spray pesticide and fertilizers on planted crops, paying special attention to grade and amounts


High School Diploma – 1998
Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID