Agricultural Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: November 4, 2022

An agriculture technician is responsible for performing daily tasks pertaining to the upkeep of the agricultural land. They perform general garden maintenance including, harvesting, watering, hand weeding, staking and trellising, mowing, weed eating, laying compost, and transplanting. Besides that, they organize and maintain tools and equipment.

In order to apply for an agricultural technician job, you will need to write a compelling resume.

Refer to the following resume sample to create a good resume for an agricultural technician job.

Sample Resume for Agricultural Technician Position

David Baker
865 River Street
Ashland, NH 15230 
(000) 120-7474 
davidbaker @ email . com

Agricultural Technician

Physically dexterous Agriculture Technician with a proven track record of deciphering soil types, performing harvesting and planting work, and ensuring advanced grooming of farm animals. Highly experienced in directing and monitoring the activities of farmhands to ensure that they meet the daily deadlines of assigned work.

• Competent at inspecting crops thoroughly to determine their quality and provide suggestions for improving growth.
• Highly familiar with operating and servicing farm machinery including tractors and harvesters.
• Special talent for determining types of fertilizers and pesticides required and efficiently spraying them over planted areas.
• Demonstrated ability to look after livestock by feeding and grooming them, along with ensuring that they thrive in clean surroundings.

• Farm Machinery Operation • Irrigation Solutions
• Livestock Care • Harvesting
• Organic Pesticide Formulation
• Trellising and Thinning Activities
• Tractor Cultivation • Crop Investigation
• Crop Disease Control • Plants Identification
• Hand Seeding • Post-harvest Treatments

• Introduced an organic pesticide, the use of which resulted in high organic content and crop yield.
• Saved 23 farm animals from an impending disease (discovered on the adjacent farmland) by quickly isolating and vaccinating them.
• Devised a novel irrigation system to provide water to all crop lines, without the use of sophisticated and expensive machinery.
• Suggested using a novel method of seeding, resulting in increased crop growth.


Agricultural Technician
Bay Farmland, Ashland, NH
Apr 2014 – Present
• Assess the quality of soil to determine crop planting plans and dig trenches accordingly
• Seed crops by hand or by using dedicated machinery by ensuring that they are planted in designated areas
• Irrigate farm soil by using irrigation channels and ensure that pipes and pumps are properly maintained
• Assign work activities to farmhands and direct and monitor them to ensure that they work according to specifications

Agricultural Technician
AAD Company, Ashland, NH
Sep 2011 – Apr 2014
• Devise methods of spraying fertilizers and pesticides and ensure that all crop lines are covered properly
• Perform harvesting activities and ensure that all harvested crops are properly stored
• Feed livestock and ensure that their living arrangements are managed properly
• Operate and maintain farm machinery and tools including harvesters, cutters, and tractors

Farm Hand
The Obama Family Farmland, Ashland, NH
Aug 2010 – Sep 2011
• Inspected agricultural land to determine the soil type and used shovels to dig trenches
• Planted crops in designated areas and ensured that they are watered on a regular basis
• Operated farm machinery such as harvesters and cutters and ensured that it was properly maintained and cleaned
• Fed farm animals, and branded them using tattoos or tags to identify both ownership and grade
• Herded livestock to pastures for grazing and administered vaccines to protect them from diseases

High School Diploma
Ashland High School, Ashland, NH – 2009