Farm Worker Resume Sample

Updated on March 7, 2018


Farm workers are required to perform semi-skilled farm tasks such as plowing, harrowing, cultivating and irrigating.

They perform these tasks on assigned farm spaces and by using equipment particular to the job.

The following resume sample for a farm worker position may be utilized by job seekers in order prepare a resume and apply for a job of this nature.



Farm Worker Resume Example


Caleb Horn

66 Charter Road, Jamaica, NY 01066
(999) 999-9999 | [Email]

Seeking a Farm Worker position at the Yodel Farms utilizing excellent knowledge of farm operations along with a profound background in livestock management.

• Over five years of dedicated experience working in the farmhouse
• Highly skilled in practical farm operations including plowing, planting, irrigating and fertilizing
• Hands on experience of using service equipment such as tractors and milking machines
• In-depth knowledge of maintaining sanitary living arrangements for farm animals

• Achieved success in managing organic feed for all farm animals thereby increasing sales and revenue.
• Structured specified living quarters for different farm animals as per their size and type bringing about segregation for animal health.


Apr 2008 – May 2012
Henderson Farms – Jamaica, NY
Farm Worker
• Mixed soil, sand, and fertilizer as directed.
• Prepared and spray insecticides as required.
• Fed farm animals in a time-efficient manner.
• Milked cows and collected eggs.
• Cleaned animal quarters efficiently.
• Made repairs to farm equipment and tools as needed.
• Assisted in activities to harvest crops.

High School Diploma
Jamaica Public School, Jamaica, NY

• Knowledge of common farm operations
• Compassion for animals
• Ability to work in extreme weather conditions
• Excellent physical dexterity
• Ability to communicate well and take instructions

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