Farm Picker Resume Sample

Updated: July 28, 2018

A farm picker or a crop picker is an individual who is hired at farmlands to provide assistance in planting, harvesting, and picking fruits and vegetables.

The work is performed outdoors which means that one has to be comfortable in working in all types of weather conditions.

Resumes for Farm Picker position need to be written after a lot of research, and by putting in a lot of effort.

A sample resume is provided here for you to obtain ideas from:


Farm Picker Resume Example


Jacob Nolan
46 Tri-Circle, Beckley, WV21250
(000) 999-9999


Focused, and resourceful individual, with over 6 years of experience of working in a farm/crop picking capacity. Exceptionally talented in handling the various tasks associated with harvesting, and effectively handling reaping activities.

• Proficient in inspecting, selecting, and harvesting healthy and ripened fruits and vegetables from assigned farm areas.
• Adept at determining maturity levels of crops, and telling apart fruit and vegetable varieties.
• Track record of effectively harvesting crops in a safe, and efficient manner, ensuring that productivity goals are met.
• Competent in packing and loading harvested products, according to specified procedures.


✓ Crop Inspection ✓ Harvesting ✓ Crop Care
✓ Picking and Packing ✓ Tools Use ✓ Safety Procedures
✓ Irrigation Assistance ✓ Food Safety Practices ✓ Pest Scouting
✓ Plant Tucking ✓ Weeding ✓ Waste Management

• Introduced a novel crop inspection system, which took 80% less time to complete than the one already being followed.
• Implemented a pest scouting initiative, decreasing infestations by 50%.
• Devised an organic waste management system, which was well-received by farm owners.
• Trained 15 other farm pickers in making effective use of tools to handle picking and harvesting activities.


Farm Picker
Red Land Farms, Beckley, WV                      2011-present
• Perform field inspection activities to ensure that all crops (fruits and vegetables) are in good order.
• Plant, cultivate, and harvest fruit trees, and bushes, and vegetables according to specified instructions.
• Perform pest control activities, ensuring that crops are not harmed in any way.
• Use hand tools such as trowels, hoes, and pruning hooks to perform planting and cultivation work.
• Apply organic pesticides in a controlled manner, to ensure that any problem areas within the field are taken care of.
• Create and implement irrigation systems to ensure delivery of water to planted fruits and vegetables.
• Pick out fruits and vegetables according to picking schedules, and ensure that they are kept safe.
• Pack all picked crops in crates and boxes, ensuring that they are packed in a way that minimizes damage.

Farm Picker
Al’s Barn, Beckley, WV                               2005-2011
• Cleared assigned areas so that crops can be planted and harvested properly.
• Assisted in planting fruit trees, and vegetables, according to the provided instructions.
• Ensured that appropriate water supply was provided to all planted areas, through irrigation channels.
• Assisted in picking and packing fruits and vegetable, to be sent to retail outlets.
• Cleaned and maintained farm areas on a consistent basis, ensuring a good outlook at all times.

Beckley High School, Beckley, WV – 2009
High School Diploma

Farm Picker Qualifications

✓ There are no formal education requirements to work as a farm picker, but if you have a high school diploma to your name, you have a great chance of being considered.

✓ Exceptional physical agility and the ability to work for long hours is one of the requirements of working as a farm picker.

✓ Knowledge of different types of crops, and how they are to be harvested and picked will go a long way toward helping you work efficiently in this role.

✓ You will need to be well-versed in harvesting processes, and know just when a specific fruit or vegetable needs to be planted, and how much water and manure it requires to thrive.

✓ One has to possess the ability to pick and pack fruits and vegetables in a safe manner, so that they do not ripen too much, or get crushed before they reach the retailer.

Farm Picker Job Description

• Determine the types and varieties of fruits and vegetables that need to be planted, and ensure that seeds or saplings are acquired.
• Plant seeds at the right time, and in the right way, to ensure that fruits and vegetables grow properly.
• Perform watering duties, aimed at ensuring that all planted crops are properly looked after properly.
• Apply pesticides and manure to planted crops in order to ensure that they remain healthy.
• Check all planted crops to ensure that they are in good shape, and make sure that any issues are handled before they convert into crises.
• Pick fruits and vegetables as they become ripe, and create appropriate piles to ensure that varieties are separated for packing purposes.
• Pack all picked fruits and vegetables according to specified instructions, ensuring that buffering agents are included in the packing.
• Arrange for picked crops to be delivered to retailers, ensuring that timelines are kept a priority.
• Ensure that all assigned farm areas are properly cleaned and maintained, according to the provided instructions.
• Create and maintain the inventory of all tools, equipment, and materials used in performing farming work.