Facility Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: January 22, 2019

Looking for a resume sample for a facility maintenance worker position? You have come to the right place!

A resume for this position needs to focus on the individual’s ability to clean, maintain, and repair assigned facilities.

He or she will need to show how well-versed his or her skills are in performing daily custodial work, such as trash removal and building maintenance.

Apart from this, a facility maintenance worker resume must highlight the candidate’s ability to perform physically taxing work.

Moreover, a resume for this position should concentrate on convincing recruiters about the several reasons that will make you a good worker.

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Facility Maintenance Worker Resume Sample



Mila Klass
210 72nd Street NE, La Grange, KY38472
(000) 858-2054


7+ years of experience in cleaning and maintaining both residential and commercial facilities. Adept at performing daily custodial work. Ability to handle seasonal work such as snow removal, and lawn maintenance.


Sanitization Floor Care Building Maintenance
Paint Touch-up Trash Disposal Inspection
Mopping and Dusting Malfunction Detection Electrical Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance Masonry Work Supplies Replenishment

• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, as a result, reduced equipment breakdown incidents by 50%.
• Implemented a unique trash disposal system, hence, decreased infection risk by 65%.
• Significantly increased building security by suggesting installation of CCTV cameras and fire alarms.
• Devised a sanitization system, which was considered 50% more efficient than the one already being used.


Facility Maintenance Worker
Topical Residential, La Grange, KY | 1/2015 – Present
• Obtain work orders to determine daily tasks.
• Check inventory in order to determine the availability of supplies.
• Clean surfaces such as floors and counters using brooms, mops, and dusters.
• Use vacuum cleaners to clean carpets, rugs, and drapes.
• Perform minor maintenance work on wooden, electrical and plumbing systems.
• Empty wastepaper baskets, and dispose of trash.
• Replace light bulbs, wires, and fixtures.
• Clear snow from entrances and exits.
• Perform lawn maintenance and grounds keeping work.

Tate Inn, La Grange, KY| 2/2012 – 1/2015
• Dusted and polished wooden and steel furniture.
• Swept and mopped floors.
• Mixed chemicals for the purpose of sanitizing surfaces.
• Ensured proper trash removal.
• Delivered supplies and equipment to cleaners and facility maintenance workers.
• Communicated low inventory levels to supervisors.

Graduated in 2011
La Grange High School, La Grange, KY

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