Facility Maintenance Worker Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 3, 2019

A facility maintenance worker resume is not complete unless it hosts a skills section. This part of the resume will highlight what the applicant is capable of doing at the workplace.

However, skills statements cannot be written as they are thought. They need to have a certain structure.

When writing a skills section for a facility maintenance worker resume, you must focus on your knowledge of cleaning and maintenance activities.

Also, you should highlight all that you know about using tools and equipment particular to the trade.

It is imperative to focus on your abilities regarding maintenance and repair work. This way, a hiring manager will zoom into your candidature.

As a matter of fact, recruiters receive many resumes, and they will only pick up ones that say great things about a candidate’s skills.

Moreover, a skills section for a facility maintenance worker should highlight how physically strong and dexterous you are.

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Facility Maintenance Worker Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in determining the right tools and equipment for each task.

• Highly experienced in acquiring supplies and using them for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

• Deeply familiar with performing duties such as sweeping and mopping.

• Skilled in operating vacuum cleaners in order to clean curtains, carpets, and rugs.

• Effectively able to inspect buildings and assigned structures to determine maintenance needs.

• Well-versed in performing cleaning activities such as dusting and polishing.

• Competent in checking control panels and electrical wirings to identify potential issues.

• Qualified to install equipment and appliances.

• Exceptionally talented in conducting maintenance tasks.

• Proven ability to inspect and troubleshoot systems like HVAC.

• Solid track record of effectively checking the functionality of safety systems.

• Documented success in dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures.

• Focused on ensuring a neat and clean facility appearance.

• Highly skilled in gathering and disposing of trash.

• Ability to clear snow from entrances and parking lots.

• Particularly effective in setting up and tearing down meeting rooms.

• Unmatched ability to replenish bathroom supplies.

• First-hand experience in washing walls, ceilings, and windows.

• Adept at replacing work or defective wiring.

• Proficient in replacing faucets.

• Excellent skills in efficiently dealing with emergency repairs.

• Special talent for estimating the cost of repair projects.

• Hands-on experience in performing grounds maintenance work.

• Exceptionally talented in performing preventative maintenance on facility systems.

• Specialized in handling building exterior repairs, for example, wall and roof upkeep.

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