School Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: February 1, 2018


There is a pretty good chance that your School Maintenance Worker resume will be given due credit, if it is written in a profound manner.

When you don’t put effort into writing a resume, it shows in the content.

Here is a format that you can emulate to write your own resume:




School Maintenance Worker Resume Example



Trevor Holt
107 Cattail Oaks, Glenwood, MD16333
(000) 801-3023
trevholt @ email . com


Exceptionally talented school maintenance worker, with over 7 years of experience in handling upkeep tasks of a school facility. Highly skilled in managing a wide variety of repair, cleaning and maintenance tasks. Competent in performing minor fixes such as repairing broken locks and wall damages.


• Repair and Cleaning • Grounds-keeping • Troubleshooting
• Appliance Installation • Trash Removal • Safety Systems
• Wiring Support • Renovation Support • Preventative Maintenance
• Inspection • Hazard Control • Emergency Response

• Implemented a preventative maintenance system, resulting in increased efficiency.
• Devised a solid trash management system, which decreased the chances of contamination by 65%.
• Singlehandedly set up a complex safety alarm system, saving the school $1000 in professional setting up fee.
• Introduced the concept of regular inspections on HVAC systems, minimizing downtime by 75%.


School Maintenance Worker
St. Paul’s High School, Glenwood, MD | 10/2012 – Present
• Inspect school buildings to determine the type and extent of maintenance needed
• Perform cleaning activities such as sweeping, and mopping, and ensure that proper warning signs are set up for wet floors
• Assist in the setting up of alarm and security systems, and ensure that they are kept up and running
• Troubleshoot problems with HVAC and other systems, ensuring that downtime is minimized
• Perform special inspection of maintenance equipment, to ascertain that it is in a functional state at all times
• Ascertain that trash removal and disposal activities are carried out according to protocol
• Conduct maintenance tasks such as replacing bulbs, and fixing or replacing light fixtures
• Check electrical and other control panels to ensure that are functioning properly

Glenwood High School, Glenwood, MD | 1/2008 – 10/2012
• Cleaned surfaces such as counters and floors my performing sweeping and mopping activities
• Ascertained that trash from all rooms within the school was timely collected and disposed of
• Created and maintained lists of required cleaning items and equipment, and communicated it to the supervisor
• Assisted in handling grounds-keeping activities by mowing lawns, and performing edging work
• Ascertained that all maintenance and cleaning equipment was properly stored at the end of each shift

St. Peter’s High School, Glenwood, MD – 2007
High School Diploma